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My Philosophy Term Paper Helped Me Land a Great Date

February 5th, 2010

My Philosophy Term Paper Helped Me Land a Great Date

My mom always told me “the person asking the questions is the one that wants the relationship.” I always felt this was true and observed the way I spoke and how other people spoke to each other. It made for a lot of people watching. I developed a real skill for this. I loved to watch people. I would sit for hours at the train station taking notes or even observing people in restaurants while having lunch alone. The more and more I did this the more I learned about the art of communications. I had always had the hardest time with relationships. During most of my relationship I always felt that I was the person who actually wanted it. This pertained from friendships to actual intimate relationships. I rarely ever felt wanted. I’d been thinking a lot about what my mom had told me. I had always been a great term paper writer and decided to really examine it and write a philosophy term paper.

I have been on my share of blind dates. My best friend Betty use to always set me up with the most random men you would have ever imagined. She use to walked around with a picture of me in her wallet. If she met a man she thought I would like she would whip it out. I began thinking of these dates as critical analysis research for my philosophy term paper. I began keeping my mouth shut. Which is actually very hard for me since I was always such a big talker. I have always been the person who wanted the relationship. I just wanted to be wanted and I wanted to be pursued every once in a while. My philosophy was, let them come to you.

I began writing my philosophy term paper so I would have something to drive me. I think everyone needs a philosophy in life. It helps to have one and stick to it as the driving force for you. I began the term paper stating my philosophy in life. I then had four mains points that would help me stick to it and elaborated on I came to this idea. I had a MLA citation for each point an ended my philosophy term paper with a very strong conclusion.

A week later Betty set me up with her gynecologist, Sean. I laughed at the picture I had in my head: Betty laying on the table, stirrups, hospital gown white gloves and of course a picture of me. I told her I would go and prepared myself for a really funny night. I reread my term paper right before Sean was to pick me up. I wanted to feel wanted.

Sean was what I would call an average looking guy. He was average height a little premature balding but overall a sweet face and really deep hazel eyes. We went to what was his favorite restaurant and the talking began. I waiting for Sean to initialize the conversation always answering his questions then asking him the same question to him but also trying really hard not to ask any follow up inquiries. My research paper had served me well.

It was a very pleasant night. As usually most first dates are. Sean was a real gentleman funny and very smart. He took me home and immediately asked to see me again. My philosophy term paper had also taught me not to be so needy or wear my heart on my sleeve. I told him that I would get back to him. Knowing that I would indeed call him for another date in a day or two.

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