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Gary Needed To Write A Non-Plagiarized Research Paper

March 7th, 2010

Gary Needed To Write A Non-Plagiarized Research Paper

My boyfriend Gary is such a great guy. He’s so smart, good looking, funny, he works out every day and is so generous. I love him to death but he has one big flaw. He is a liar. He lies about everything. It’s odd. He doesn’t lie about super important things but small trivial things. He tells me he makes 60k a year when it’s actually 55k. He tells me his car is a 2006 when it’s actually a 2003. Honestly it’s just stupid. I really do get annoyed with him. But mostly I let it go. I try not to let it get to me. During our college years Gary had taken a part time job as term paper writer. He was indeed a really good writer but he was also a pre-med major so he had no business getting a part time job. As a result instead of writing a non-plagiarized research paper he often copied and paste old term papers onto new ones and had students turn them in as their own.

I met Gary our junior year in college and was instantly attracted to him. He had curly dark hair and deep blue eyes. They often looked troubled like he was always thinking about something. Gary never relaxed he was always on the move. He had drive and ambition and was so funny. What I liked most about Gary was that he really let me do my own thing and I let him do his. I trusted him with the big things. But when I learned about his research paper side job I urged him to quit. He told he really needed the money and I’d thank him when I received my first anniversary present. I brushed that off and told him to that part of writing a critical analysis research paper was writing a non plagiarized research paper. He laughed kissed me on the top of my head and promised me that he would never get caught.

I told him writing term papers were fairly easy. You pick a topic, create the thesis and pick the mains points you will be writing about. You then proceed to go in depth about each point and throw in a bunch of quotes that are relevant to the paper. Gary once again laughed at me and said that did not sound like a non-plagiarized research paper but like every paper he had ever written. I scowled at him and walked out of his dorm room, warning him as I walked away to not get caught.

The following weekend, Gary’s cell phone rang bright and early at five am. I jumped out of bed pushing his arm off me as I rushed to the phone. A very angry female asked for Gary. My defenses obviously went up right away and I told her I was his girlfriend and why was she calling us at five am. She then proceeded to tell me the story of her research paper. Her professor had flagged her paper as a plagiarized one and would be calling a hearing with the Dean of students next week. In the meantime she would have to write a non-plagiarized research paper. She then burst into tears.

Gary at first denied that he had plagiarized the paper all I had to do was look at him side ways and he was singing a different tuned. He apologized to the student and told her he would talk to the Dean of Students with her if need be. She obviously declined his request. But thankfully she was not kicked out of school since Gary did finally write a non-plagiarized term paper for her.

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