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The Narrative Term Paper Boosted My Confidence

February 28th, 2010

The Narrative Term Paper Boosted My Confidence

I am not a social butterfly. I don’t do so well in social situations. Going to dances and parties are just not my thing. Because of this I was a senior in high school and had never had one relationship. I had never even kissed a guy. Not even on the cheek. I thought of myself as decent enough looking. I was an athlete and a pretty smart person. I guess I just never put myself in situations were anyone would want to be with me. It was odd at times. I think once you establish yourself one way it’s hard to come out of that rut. I had been this way since I was a freshman. Now as senior most guys just saw me as the girl who didn’t date so no one ever approached me. One afternoon in English class as we were taking down the criteria for our next term paper, Ms. Daniels, the vice principal, walked in with the hottest guy I had ever seen in my life. She introduced him to Mr. Champion, our English teacher, who then introduced him to our class. His name was Ryan. He was so good looking, dark hair and eyes and tall. He had a great athletic build and he walked with such confidence. He took a seat and the girls around me were all bustling with excitement.

I knew I didn’t have a chance with Ryan. He was far too good looking to want to be with me. He quickly became Mr Popularity and all the girls were vying for his attention. I began to admire him over term papers in English class. He didn’t sit too far from me so I would occasionally glance over at him. The few times he met my eye I quickly looked away.

One afternoon Mr Champion was going over a narrative term paper. He explained how the thesis must be visible in every paragraph of the paper. He also told us how he has been getting poorly edited research papers and asked that we triple edit each paper before turning it in. He also stated that the analysis research was really slipping. We would have to work harder on this. I was taking tons of notes as Mr. Champion spoke when a note was slipped on my desk. This had rarely happened to me and I quickly opened it.

Mr Champion glanced over at me and asked what I was reading. I looked up at him shocked. That was when Ryan chimed in and said “It looks like she’s reading a narrative term paper, sir.” I looked over as him. He had the best smile and it was aimed right at me. The not simply said “what are you doing this weekend -Ryan.”

I quickly folded it up and continued taking notes on the narrative term paper. Ryan caught me quickly after class. I was so nervous as he spoke to me I wanted to run. But I tried to stay confident and listen to him. He told me he’d noticed me the first time he saw me and was wondering why I had never talked to him.

That weekend I went out on my first date with Ryan. I felt so awkward. He had so much confidence I really wanted to know what he saw in me. Finally I just asked him why he sent me that narrative term paper. He laughed casually and told me that he thought I was beautiful, strong and was really happy that I didn’t try so hard. He told me that I was just me and he really liked that. I just continued to stare at him in awe. He was gorgeous and I felt gorgeous being with him.

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