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I’d Rather Edit the Format Term Paper Piece Than Date a Liar

March 13th, 2010

I’d Rather Edit the Format Term Paper Piece Than Date a Liar

I’ve been single for awhile now. I have to say I kind of enjoy it. Life is actually more fun. You know that any guy you meet has the the potential to be “the one.” I meet guys every day that I just think, maybe. Last month I had a career change. I had just gotten my masters degree in English and was working for a new company as an editor. I was happy for the fresh start. I wouldn’t say I was on the prowl but I obviously notice if there were any cute guys at the company. There were a few. But I always casually eyed their left hand for a wedding ring. Will was one of those guys. Super cute little older than me but really pretty smart. He hovered by my cubicle constantly. He always found a reason to come by every morning and ask me a question. One afternoon as I was editing a format term paper piece a co-worker asked me out to lunch and she pretty gave me the low down on everyone in the office. I casually asked about Will and she mentioned his girlfriend and how in love they always seemed.

I really did like Will but obviously having a girlfriend especially one he was in love with was a deal breaker. That afternoon I was in a conference room continuing to edit the format term paper piece. I had to recall the parts of a research paper has an introduction, body and conclusion. A term paper outline is ideal when writing a format term paper since it really keeps you on task.

The format term paper project was far more work than I thought it would be. I ended up taking it home. At eight p.m. Saturday evening I finally finished the piece. I decided to reward my self with a trip to the mall. My cousin and I have a blast at the mall she is always looking for sales and I usually just window shop. While she tried to bargain the sales women down on a sweater I walked outside the store, sat on a bench and closed my eyes for a few seconds. It had really been a long week. When I opened them, Will as cute as he could be stood before me smiling. I smiled back. This is how our akward ecounter went:

Will: “So are you here alone.”

Me: “No I am just waiting for my cousin.”

Will :“Um listen, I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime.”

I sighed. He was so cute. “You know Will I would love to go out with you but I’m about ninety percent sure you have a girlfriend.”

He frowned and told me he had broken up with her. All of a sudden a very perky blond showed up behind him. She was really very pretty and then our conversation went like this:

Perky Blond “ I called you three times why didn’t you answer the phone.”

Will: “Oh I didn’t hear it”

Perky Blond: “Who’s this she asked” staring at me.

Will winced. He honestly looked like he was in physical pain. I sighed again. I Introduced myself and left. Telling them both that maybe I’d see them around. I decided I would have rather worked on my format term paper piece all over again then go through that awkwardness and date an absolute liar.

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