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The Cover Page Term Paper Boosted My Confidence

March 15th, 2010

The Cover Page Term Paper Boosted My Confidence

I write. That’s really the only thing I am really good at. Some people are good at running, others are musicians, some are excellent artists. Me, I write. When I went to college I had already decided that I would be a journalism major which led me to be up to my ears in term papers. I also began writing for the school newspaper. Amidst a sea of really good writers I really didn’t stand out. I finally went to the editor, Steve, and asked if I could get a crack at one of the front page headlines. He actually laughed at me. When he saw that I was serious. He quickly went through some notes and found an assignment for me. When he handed it over he offered me the best of luck and said to think think of it as a cover page term paper.

A term paper in general is pretty easy. A basic research paper includes an introduction, body and conclusion. In the introduction, you tell them when your going to tell them. In the body you break down what you told them in the introduction in great detail. The conclusion sums up the easy in a nice little package. A thesis statement is very important and must be present in each paragraph. Also good citations will make your essay pop. I always found using books and journals make for a better paper as opposed to a random website.

I had to write a paper worthy of a cover page term paper. I began doing some strong critical analysis research on the topic. My University had been building a brand new library for the past year and this week they were celebrating the grand opening. That article would have been beyond easy to write. I would be able to get a couple of great quotes. Get the photographer to take a bunch of pictures of the brushed silver seats and the stainless steel tables. That would have made for a very easy cover page term paper. But no, I actually had to cover the old library. The library that had been literally sinking into the ground for the past six years. It literally had a dying foundation. I had to write an article on the immense amount of work that would go into moving all the books and transferring the card catalog to a online computer system. It sounded immensely boring but I had to make it worthy of the front page.

I went to work. I did a lot of term paper research. It really was a hard paper to write seeing that the librarians and all the students helpers were extremely busy and wanted little to nothing to with a cover page term paper. But I was persistent. I caught them on their lunch breaks, in between breaths and even when they snuck off to bathroom. I got some great quotes and pictures that really summed up their hard work and effort. I even found a bunch of old pictures when the library was first built in the 1920’s as well as the historic significance of the building and how it would be preserved and rebuilt into a dormitory in a few years.

That afternoon I turned in the cover page term paper. Steven smiled as he clicked on my e-mail and read the attachment. He then proceeded to tell me how proud he was of me and that it would definitely make this weeks front page. I smiled at him I really was good at writing.

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