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The Computer Term Paper Really Helped My Mom Lean to Use a Computer

June 15th, 2010

Computer Term Papers Can Really Allow you to Reconnect

Computer term paper
Computers are pretty basic everyone knows how to use one right?! Wrong. I have been trying to get my mom to to learn how to use a computer for years. She’s so funny she’s in her seventies and was extremely oppose to it for such a long time. My mom is really smart. She’s a registered nurse, she has a masters and gave birth to six kids. One summer my sister got a job called her to move to Kenya for three years. My mom was so upset about it but she knew it was what my sister was suppose to be doing at the time. I told my mom she would be able to better keep in touch with my sister if she learned how to use a computer. She has always been opposed to it but with the pending depart of my sister she thought she should learn really quickly. My mom always said the best way to really learn anything is to become a teacher of it. So after I spent a week with my mom teaching her the ins and outs of using a computer and the internet she decided to write a computer term paper. I gave her the following tips:

  • When writing a computer term paper make sure you use some basic language. Many people won’t understand what “apple key v is” or an address bar or even the internet.
  • Pictures are ideal when writing computer term papers. Literally cut and past a picture of a computer and label all the basic parts of the from the space bar to the monitor -do not take for granted that anyone knows what you are writing about.
  • Consider term-papers-writer.com for all of your computer term paper writing needs. It is a great site with hilarious blogs that are not only funny but informative. They will even write your paper for a fee which include unlimited amendments and a free cover and bibliography pages.
  • Make sure your paper is free of grammar and spelling errors. Especially if your paper is intended to teach or inform it will lose credibility if there are many errors in it. It may help to have another set of eyes looks at your paper. A teacher, peer or even a tutor would be ideal.
  • A term paper outline for your computer term papers may really help you write great papers. An outline is a sort of map for your paper. If done correctly your paper will pretty much write itself.

The term paper really helped my mom connect with my sister and she even took it a step further. Because she learned how to video chat, email and got on various social sites her life because much more fuller. My mom reconnected with people she hadn’t seen in years. After the paper my mom often wonder how much better her life may have been if she had wrote a computer term paper sooner.

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