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I Found an Anthology Term Paper To be the Hardest Paper to Write

February 17th, 2010

I Found an Anthology Term Paper To be the Hardest Paper to Write

I am a pretty good writer. I enjoy all forms of writing. I love to journal, write short stories and performance poetry. During my sophomore year in college I had even learned to love the basic term paper. Writing in general was something that came easily for me. I really enjoyed it. As an english major I really had to get used to writing various types of research papers. By the time my junior year rolled around my Professor introduced the anthology term paper and I honestly found it to be a very difficult paper to write.

A basic term paper consists of about five paragraphs: an introduction, about three body paragraphs and a conclusion. The most important thing to remember is the thesis. It is important that a derivative of it is present in each paragraph and that the essay is edited thoroughly. But an anthology term paper is a bit different.

My professor asked us to write an anthology term paper on an anthology. This included more reading than humanly possible. I love to read, honestly I do. But we weren’t talking about an anthology of a topic that anyone would be remotely interested in. My professor wanted me to write a critical analysis research paper on the historical Jesus. He then proceeded to pull the thickest book I had ever seen from the bookshelf that was adjacent to his desk. You could hear the frustrated groans throughout the classroom. I had no idea when I would find time to read the collection of stories.

That evening as I was paging through the historical Jesus book I could feel myself becoming overwhelmed. This anthology term paper would not be as easy as a basic term paper assignment. I paged through the description of the assignment. We had to do a compare and contrast of each story within the anthology. We had to find a handful of strong points and find how they prevailed in each story within the anthology.

I worked really hard on my anthology term paper. It was honestly one of the hardest papers I had ever written. Probably because I had to really read the whole anthology in order to write the paper. And also because the topic was interesting but not interesting enough.

A week later I turned in my paper knowing that I had worked as hard as I could on it. I really paid attention to the citations that I used. I also edited my anthology term paper twice. Once in the evening before I went to bed and once when I got up in the morning. I was surprised at all the mistakes I caught just eight hours later. But I was happy with my paper and even more happy when I got it back a week later with a big red B at the top.

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