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What Are the Characteristics of Research Papers?What

May 31st, 2010

What is a Great Characteristic of A Research That’s Crucial to Your Paper

My best friend was having some difficulties, so she asked me to  figure out what are  the characteristics of research papers so that she wouldn’t have so many problems anymore. She told me, I need you to help me write a research paper about divorce. Why people get divorced, what are the motivations of the divorcer and the divorcee—she wanted me to find out what a characteristics of a  research paper would entail for this topic. Since I was her friend I said, “Okay.” I wanted to help. So quickly, I went to work on my research paper on divorce, scouring all the latest information I could find. In doing some research I had found that there was a high rate of divorce for people who cohabited (or lived together) before marriage. It just so happens that my friend had done exactly that. I also read that major cultural and/or religious differences can kibosh a relationship. Another issue which also happens to be a predictor of divorce, which can crop up in relationships, is when one or both of the spouses has a negative fighting style. What that meant exactly I wasn’t sure, so I did a research paper on it. I have done many research papers but this topped them all. I was so curious because I really wanted to find out if these facts were true or if it was just random stuff that was popping up on the Internet. You can’t trust everyone’s research papers. Some are just not that reliable. I really wanted to do a good job on this research for my friend, that all of it was solid, reliable information. Of course, I would never lie to my friend because I always try to be honest with her about what I really think. I was concerned about her behavior and just wanted to know what are the possible causes of divorce. Maybe that way I could learn from her suffering and possibly help others.

Well, after finding out what are  the characteristics of  research papers I did learn what a negative fighting style was. It is where one person gets very mad, while the other person in the fight more or less shuts down emotionally while the other person continues being mad and escalates the level of the conflict. In thinking of  what a characteristic of a research paper is, I also found out that the use of negative humor is one predictor of divorce. The fifth predictor of divorce is looking for evidence or validation, commonly a problem of people who have abandonment fears—which may mask as jealousy and be a controlling or smothering type of behavior. At any rate, here are four great tips that came in handy for me when I was doing my research paper on divorce:

  • Use keywords in Internet search functions in order to help you find web sites on your particular topic.
  • Lightly scan the web sites for useful information. You may not have to read every single article.
  • Cite all of your sources in MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, or Osceola—whichever apply to your particular topic. This is important- if you pick the wrong method you could get a failing grade
  • Make sure to outline your paper, write the details in first, and then support your details with factual evidence from books, journals, and other print resources. You can use Internet sources, but please do so sparingly. That’s what I thought to be a great trait for a research paper.

If you follow those tips you will have a knock-out research paper!

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