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What are the Best Topics In Research Papers To Write About?

May 26th, 2010

The Hardest Topic in a Research Paper to Write About Is Something You Have No Interest in

Research papers are probably the hardest paper to write since there is very little opinion that goes into one. They’re just down right hard. You really have to dedicate time and find the best topics in research papers. The key is to write about something that interests you. You have to find a topic that you wouldn’t mind learning more about. Case in point: I have four brothers and a two sisters. I am the youngest but I have been always the closest to middle brother Jacob. It’s weird. When I look back on my life I have the most memories about him. When we got older and he got married I took it really hard. And when he had children it bother me more because I was suppose to be most important to him and I felt like I was being a replaced. A good topic in a research paper can not only inform but the audience but it can also educate and help with a sort of self discovery. When I wrote a research paper on myself I learned quite a bit about me.

1.Obviously the first tip would be to write about something you like and can appreciate. Additionally try to find a topic that you wouldn’t mind becoming somewhat of an expert on. The truth is if a topic in a research paper is done well then you really will become an expert in it. It’s inevitable.

2. When picking a good topics in research papers make sure you find one that is broad yet specific. You have to be able to get ahold of good quality research that will allow you to write a great paper. Make sure your topic allows you access to books and journals. Don’t just limit yourself to online sources. Additionally be prepared to spend some quality time reading and really learning about the topic at hand.

3.For all research papers you will need to know what citation format is needed. The two larger formats are APA and MLA . APA is an in text citation and MLA is footnotes. Knowing what method is preferred by your paper could be the difference between and A or an F make sure you are citing properly.

4.Editing your research paper is also key. Have you ever read an article or a blog that was filled with spelling and grammatical errors? Didn’t make you lose faith in what you were reading? If your research paper is filled errors not only will you reader not believe the research you have spent so much time putting together you will also more than likely get a failing grade on your paper.

It is really hard to come up with a great topic in a research paper. The truth is usually pickings are slim and with most subjects or your professors limit you to a select few that really have very little interests to anyone excluding those collegiate scholars. Do the best you can to find something redeeming in every research paper you have to write. If you don’t like or appreciate what you are writing about more than likely you paper will reflect this.

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