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The Standard Research Paper Format Is the Easiest Paper to Write

May 4th, 2010

It Was Difficult to Get My Students Excited About Standard Research Paper Formats

I have always been the kind of person who can never sit still. I am always up and moving. I have this thing were I always want to be doing something. No matter if I got two or twelve hours of sleep I always have the same energy and the same drive. I love the morning. I get up at six am everyday without an alarm clock. Even on the weekends. I think about the possibilities of the day. The people I’ll meet. What I’ll do. I get excited to just be apart of lie. There are few people who are able to match my energy. My fiancee once told me he always feels on edge around me. He always tell me I act like puppy dog waiting to go out. He says he can never relax around me. I just always want to do something. I am obviously a high energy person. I try to be excited about most things in life and I’ve always wanted to give my students the same type of vibe. I have been a middle school teacher for three years. I really love my job. It’s great. I love meeting young people and watching them grow and develop. But it’s hard to get them excited about everything especially the standard research paper format.

  • The standard research paper format should include the introduction, where you tell them what you are going to tell them. The body, where you go into detail about what you just told them in the introduction. Be sure to allot one paragraph for each point. And the conclusion where you sum up the paper by reiterating everything you just told them. Make sure your thesis is present in some form in each paragraph.
  • Most standard research paper formats will include the APA citation method. It is the easiest methods and is “in text” which means you don’t have to fool around with footnotes. Use the following example when citing through APA:
    • Last name of author, First name of author. (year). Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher.
    • The in text citation is as follows:(Last name of author, year, page#)
  • Consider term-papers-writer.com for the standard research paper style or even when writing term papers. They are a fabulous resource when trying to improve your writing skills.
  • Research paper outlines are ideal when trying to trying to write a great research paper. An outline really breaks down your paper into more manageable parts. When writing a research paper outline make sure you allow yourself plenty of room to map out each paragraph. Try to plug in the main points you hope to make in each paragraph as well as where you may put your citations. If an outline is written well you will have very little to do when you finally write your paper.

It was quite difficult trying to get my students excited about standard research paper formats. But they eventually came around. I don’t think they were exactly happy to write papers but there is power in having knowledge in what you are doing. No one likes to step into anything blind but if you empower yourself with the above information, you too can write a great research paper.

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