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Science Fair Research Paper Formats Can Be Quite Difficult to Master

November 27th, 2010

The Science Fair Research Paper Format Is Quite Easy to Grasp if you Follow the Tips Below

science fair research paper formats

I hate science. I have never been good at it. But every single year from fourth grade on I had to come up with a science fair project. I hated it. I came up with the silliest projects. I once even had a project on if students could tell the difference between diet soda or regular soda. Along with every single project we were required to a paper. Our teacher came up with a few science fair research paper formats and gave us the following tips to help us.

1. Learning how to cite is key for any paper you write. After picking a science fair research paper format you must learn that there are various difference types of citation methods: Chicago, Harvard, MLA and APA. The APA and MLA are the most common yet the most similar. If your citations are not done correctly you will more than likely receive a failing grade. Use the key I have provided below to help you:

For APA use this:

Last name, first name. (year published).Title of Book. City published. Publisher

For the in text citation use this method:

(Last name, year, pp. numbers of pages)

For MLA use this:

Last name of author, First name of Author. Title of Book. Place Published: Publisher. Year. Print.

MLA also uses footnotes instead of in text:

(Author, pp.#)

2. When learning the science fair research paper format remember the basic research paper structure. The first paragraph is the introduction, tell the audience what you are going to tell them. Be sure to include your thesis and introduce all of your mains points. The subsequent paragraphs go into detail about the main points you just brought up. A good rule of the thumb is to have one citation per point being made. Your thesis should be present in some form in each paragraph. The last section is the conclusion. You should reiterate your main points, bring up the thesis again and finish off your essay with a nice citation.

3. Part of mastering a good format for your research paper on science remember to write about what you know. Pick a topic that interest you. It can be a topic on cells, human anatomy, or even krebs cycle. If you are not interested in the topic you are writing about it will really come through in your paper.

4. Termpaperwriter.org is a great site to utilize. It is filled with tons of blogs from writing a term paper on biology to writing a research paper on history. They even have blogs on science fair research paper formats. Their articles are not only funny but very informative as well.

5. Termpaperwriter.org will even write your paper for your for a fee. They employ great writers who will are hand picked to write your paper for you. They offer unlimited amendments and a percentage off your first paper.

6.Some good science fair research paper topics would: what types of concrete support structures like buildings and homes? Does air temperature how long bubbles from soap last? What words to babies generally speak first and why? Can a tomato plant become a potato plant?

The tips above helped me come in third place in the sixth grade science fair. The correct format for my science research paper really helped put me over the map.

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