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Why A Research Paper Grading Rubric Is the Fairest Way to Grade a Paper

May 24th, 2010

Research Paper Grading Rubrics Can Help You Write a Great Paper

My perfect guy has great teeth sparking eyes and a decent job. He has to be able to drive well, hold a conversation and he has to have a life outside of me. I want someone who has friends and hobbies and is okay with spending time away from me. I really like a good dresser. Nothing impresses me more than a man in suite and tie, cuff links and nice shoes. My cousins always tell me I am little crazy. That my standards are just too high. I think they’re crazy. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want. The same thing goes with my students. I have been a high school english teacher for over three years. It’s a very rewarding profession. But what I remember most about being in high school was that I never thought the teachers graded fairly. They always had their favorites. When I became a teacher I wanted to eliminate that. I decided to create a research paper grading rubric that would give my students an even playing field. Therefore just like me and my relationships I would hold all of them to the same standard

1.Research paper grading rubrics are designed to not only help the teacher but the student. I create four of five large categories such as : editing, sentence structure, situation and quality of research. I then assign a certain number of points to each category. The points range from one to five for each category. I score each category and then I reach a grade for each student.

2.Some teachers will give their students the research paper grading rubric guide that they judge their students by. This can be extremely helpful. The student will know by which standard their paper is being judged so they can work hard on the editing than the thesis statement.

3.A basic research paper has an introduction body and conclusion. The introduction introduces the paper to the audience. The student should write very generally about the topic at hand and bring in the thesis statement and the points that will be highlighted. The subsequent paragraphs goes into great detail on the general points and there should be at least one citation per paragraph.

4.Consider utilizing term-papers-writer.com for all of your research and term paper needs. It is a great site with excellent writing tips. Their blogs are not only entertaining but informative.

Yes I have always had standards in my life. But at least I hold everyone and everything to the same standard. I think that is what research paper grading rubrics do, they give all of the students an even playing field. It lays it all out for you. This is the steps you need to take to make sure you get a good grade on this paper. Now if their was only a dating grading rubric my life would be perfect.

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