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The Easiest of Research Paper Formats is the APA style Citation Method

May 2nd, 2010

The Research Paper Format Was the Least Of My Worries When Trying to Write a Paper

Life’s hard. Sometimes I just get really sick of it. There’s never enough money or time. Things just get really crazy at times. I am not a “Debbie downer” kind of person but sometimes I just wonder why can’t things be easy? My best friend Michelle has always had a real difficult life. She grew up in an orphanage and during her college years she suffered the worst depression imaginable. At the time I just couldn’t wrap my head around why she was acting so incredibly crazy. One day her and I were great going out to eat, having very serious deep talks about social issues and politics and then next day- nothing. She would cancel plans with me at the last minute and literally just go ape on me over a very small comment. I never knew which friend I would get when I went over to her dorm room or gave her a call. There were many times I felt like I just wanted to write her off but I just couldn’t do it. Finally I decided to talk to my mom about. My mom has always been a really intuitive person and she was a registered nurse I thought she could advise me on some medical insider information. My mom told me if I really wanted to continue to pursue a relationship I really needed to do some research on the best way to be a friend to her. I decided to first figure out the best research paper format to use since I really wanted Michelle to read it after I was done.

  • An easy research paper format is the APA style citation method. This is the in text citation where you don’t have to fumble around with footnotes. The following is an example of it:
    • Last name of author, First name of author. (year). Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher.
    • The in text citation is as follows:(Last name of author, year, page#)
  • Research is key. I understood that if I didn’t find good reputable sources for my paper not only would I not understand Michelle’s illness she wouldn’t believe what I any of the conclusions I was trying to draw. I had to stick to reliable books, articles and journals. The truth is any loser can make a claim about depression and call it fact on a random website. So I found myself in the library quite a bit.
  • There are many different kinds of research paper formats no matter which one I picked I recognized that editing is very important. I know that if a paper is not free of grammatical and spelling errors it holds very little merit. If I am reading an article online about anything and I find even the slightest error I begin to lose faith in what I am reading. I didn’t want Michelle to feel that way.
  • I wrote a research paper outline first. An outline is pretty much a basic map of your paper. I had a section for every paragraph of my paper and within this section I detailed the points I would be making and I plugged in the supporting citations. This made the paper so much easier to write since I could isolate sections of the paper and focus on that portion. I also accompanied my outline with a bibliography page which made it easy to refer back to.
  • When perusing the internet for ideas I ran into term-papers-writer.com. It is a great website with hilarious blogs designed to make you laugh but are extremely informative. The website also goes over various research paper formats in great detail. Additionally they have an academic writing section where they will write your term or research paper for a fee and grant you unlimited amendments. They aren’t happy unless you are.

The paper I wrote on my friend Michelle was one of the hardest papers I had every written. It was difficult learning what she was going through and how she was feeling. Some part of me always thought that depression was a sort of made up disease but the research paper really helped me realize that she was going through some serious problems and all I could really do was be there for her and encourage her to get help. Michelle did like my research paper style and was very flattered that I had taken the time to write a paper just to learn more about her.

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