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My Research Paper Cover Page Was Difficult To Write

May 23rd, 2010

Contrary To Popular Belief Research Paper Cover Pages Are not a Waste of Time

Once a month I get my entire face threaded not waxed. Threading last longer and it’s a much cleaner look. I run at least three miles five times a week and get to the hairdresser for a cut and color every five weeks. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do before I take my dog out is put on a bra. I spend at least thirty dollars a month on makeup and I always lather my body up with cocoa butter lotion the minute I get out of the shower. I drive a very nice car with a mapping system who’s payments are more than the my mortgage. Contrary to popular belief, appearance is everything. If I cook a beautiful three core meal I would never serve it on a garbage can lid. My husband always insists on serving wine in beautifully expensive wine glasses and when we had a cocktail party last year and wanted to have margaritas we absolutely had to run out and buy a bunch of margarita glasses. Presentation is everything. I am a high school English teacher and I have been teaching my students how to write research papers. The number one point I stressed to my students is the importance of a research paper cover page.

1.A research paper cover page is the icing on the cake. Most research paper cover pages include the title of the paper the dead center of the pager and student’s name, subject, professor, class and year in the bottom right of the paper. It’s fairly basic information. But it really is the little things that help your paper stand out. I am always surprise when I tweeze even four or five hairs from my eyebrows people always tell me how pretty my eyes are.

2.A basic research or term paper include the following, introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction of the paper introduces the paper to the audience. The main points you will be exploring will be introduced as well as the thesis statement needs to be presented. The subsequent paragraphs will go into great detail about each point you presented and allow one paragraph for each main point and a derivative of the thesis statement needs to be present in each paragraph. the conclusion sums up the paper and closes the essay.

3.Termpaper.org is a great tool to utilize when trying to write a term or research paper. The recognize the importance of presentation on an essay and they have funny and interesting blogs to help you write the best paper ever.

4.Make sure any of your research paper coverage pages and research papers are locked in with a fancy binding. You can find all kinds of binds at a local store from the colorful to the weird. Less is more pick a classic, clear cover, black or blue binding.

Presentation is not everything but it’s definitely important. I am not saying it’s right but honestly the way you look and how you present yourself will open doors for you in life. Likewise the way your paper is presented may automatically bump you up one grade level. Honestly most professors don’t have time to read all of those papers. Give them a reason to give you a better grade.

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