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The History Research Paper Format Helped Me Write a Stellar Paper

April 27th, 2010

Choosing From the History Research Paper Formats Can Really Help You Write a Great Paper

My family is from Sri Lanka. I didn’t grow up there. I don’t speak the language and I really never wanted to. I saw myself as an American who had a different last name and whose parents had funny accents. Most of my family was still in Sri Lanka. My immediate family, mom, day and brother and sister lived in the states but the rest of my family was still in Sri Lanka. I had never been to Sri Lanka and never really had a desire to go. As I got older I really wanted to learn more about my culture. I am not sure what exactly set it off I just knew it was something I wanted to do. I began doing some research on my family. There was a whole other part of me on the other side of the world that I knew nothing about and I really wanted to learn more. The first thing I needed to do was to learn history research paper formats.

1.A basic history research paper format is not rocket science. You should state your points and back it up with sources. History is fact there is very few opinions that can be formulated. So in that respect it’s a little bit of an out and a non thinking exercise. You are basically just regurgitating the facts you are reading.

2.Only give your opinion when asked specifically. There is no reason to state the a fact that you hate President Nixon. But there is no reason to offer this bit of knowledge. Some professors will get creative and ask you what you think. Then and only then should you offer your opinion other than that stick to the facts.

3.Most history research paper formats include the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should include the thesis and the main points you will be expanding on. The subsequent paragraphs should go into great detail on each point made. And the conclusion should restate the main points and thesis. A general rule of thumb is to have one citation per paragraph. Allow them to reiterate the points you are trying to make.

4.Research is number one when trying to master a great history research paper style. Honestly if you don’t know what you are talking about this will shine through. You want to be able to speak with authority on every thing you are writing about. Really read books, articles and journals don’t just put citations out of context.

5.Consider writing a history research paper outline They really help you focus on one portion of the essay at one time. It really makes writing the essay more manageable.

6.Termpaperwriter.org is a great resource when trying to writer any kind of paper.

The history research paper format could have used a little help. But I was very happy to have been able get all of my information down on paper and really do some good quality research. I was happy with all of the information I had discovered and I was especially glad to have written a great research paper.

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