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A Good Research Paper Topic Is Something That Really Intrigues you

May 19th, 2010

Good Research Paper Topics Are all Around You

I have been dating this guy Peter for a few months now. Really sweet really smart funny dude. He has a lot to say a lot to offer and I genuinely like and want to be around him. It’s odd sometimes when I am watching him get dressed in the morning I am so intrigued by him. His suits are perfectly lined up in the closet from lighter to darker and he rotates them to the back each time he wears them. His ties are neatly hung up. His cuff links sit perfectly in a brushed metal box and his shoes line his closet. Peter’s really anal. His car is the same way, immaculate to the core. He gets it detailed every three months and I don’t think I could eat in it, though I have never tried. Peter is a really sweet and patient guy. He does little things like reach for my hand or brush the hair out of my eyes. He’s also very cute. He has these ice blue eyes that sparkle in the sun. He takes care of himself and keeps in shape by golfing every single weekend in the spring and summer. But there’s one thing about Peter that I believe would be a good research paper topic. When we go out, Peter never pays. My guess is with the house he lives in and the car he drives, he makes at least three times more than I do but he has never pulled out his money clip. Now there just has to be something behind that.

1.A good research paper topic is something that really intrigues you and makes you want to know more about it. What do you like? What makes you tick? What is something you can write about with passion and intrigue? If you are engaged and excited about your topic than your reader will be as well.

2. Good research paper topics have to be something that you can do some good research on. It must be broad yet not too specific. You want to be able to find good research tools on the topic. You may want to focus your energy on books and journals but stay away from the interest variety, they can be biased and unfounded.

3.Learn how to sit. APA, MLA , Chicago or Harvard etc. what ever the choice make sure you are aware of the proper citation method. If you use the work one you will more than likely get a big fat F on your paper.

4.It’s not enough to pick a good research paper topic and get the citation method correct but now you also have to edit your research paper. It is very difficult to edit your own work. You may want another set of eyes to look at your paper for you. You can also try editing your paper right before bed and then editing it again after a good night’s sleep. You will be surprised at how many errors you find.

I think writing a paper on Peter would be one of a million research paper topics. Because I like Peter, he intrigues me and I want to know more about why he acts the way he does. If you can say that about a topic then you have now find a great research paper topic.

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