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Free Research Papers Are Hard To Come By

May 8th, 2010

How to Score Good Free Research Papers

When I was in college there was a small group of people who made extra money writing research papers. It was quite a lucrative business. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they putt themselves through college with the money they made. They were quite a group. Samantha headed the group. She was now a senior and had been working with the group since she was freshman. I think most professors and administrators knew about the group but just couldn’t prove it. They really ran a tight ship. They assigned out the papers and were very particular about making sure each student was happy when they walked away. Samantha was also big on free research papers. She even ran a special that allowed the students have the second research paper for free. Samantha’s group even advertised the term paper service as a last resort. They realized that research papers are difficult and so they included paper tips in with every paper they wrote. A free research paper is great but you can’t rely on that forever.

  • Do your research, which means read. The most important thing to note when writing a research paper is that the quality of research you do will reflect the quality of your paper. Take the time to thoroughly read the books, journals and articles.
  • Research paper outlines are a great tool to utilize when trying to write a paper. An outline is designed to be a map of your paper. Each paragraph should be mapped out in detail. That way you will know where exactly where your citations will be as well as your thesis and where all your main points will be situated. It also helps you to focus on certain parts of the essays at one time.
  • Make sure you know what citation method you are using APA or MLA. Use the following as a guide to help you.
    • MLA:
      Last name of author, first name of author. Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher, year. Print.
    • APA:
      Last name of author, First name of author. (year). Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher.

      The in text citation is as follows:

      (Last name of author, year, page#)

  • Even with a free research paper editing is key and is probably the most important thing you can do to have a great research paper. The truth is it is very difficult to edit your own work. The best thing for your to do is to have another set of eyes looks at it. Consider asking a peer, a friend, a teacher or even utilize most universities free tutoring programs.

Good free research papers are very hard to come by. Once in a while you’ll find some random essays online that you will try and plagiarize off of- don’t do it. You may as well paint a red bozo nose on you and throw yourself out of school. Most universities have a zero tolerance policy. Samantha’s group of term paper writing fiends did very well for themselves and honestly a costless research paper is very hard to come by so that was definitely a draw but the tips they to offer were priceless.

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