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My Feminism Paper Help Me Decide If I Should Stay in My Relationship

June 22nd, 2010

Feminism Papers Can Really Put You in A Challenging Position

feminism paper

Last week my boyfriend Chris told me that there are special tees for women. That is most of the men tee off in a certain section and women tee off much closer to the actual course. This to me set the women’s movement back like ten years. My boyfriend just kept pointing out how women are obviously so much weaker than men and they can’t hit the ball as hard. To me that was just totally untrue. But Chris insisted. Now don’t get me wrong. I still really enjoy chivalrous men. That is when men hold the door open for you and pick up the tab for lunch or dinner once in awhile. But I am really not a fan of the women stays home while a man goes to work idea. I like to make my own money and pay for my own belongings. Chris is your classic macho guy. He has to be in charge and always has to have the last word. Chris always has to drive everywhere we go. It’s a pain. The truth is I really like him but I can’t see our relationship going anywhere without some changes. I guess there just has to be a good in between. I decided to write a feminism paper so he could see my side.

1.When writing a feminism paper really do your research. Look into the great feminist of the world. Ask yourself these questions why were they feminists? What made them feminists. Do you believe in this cause as much as they did. Sit down and do some reading. Women who consider themselves feminists are very vocal and adamant about not being treated less then a man.

2. Consider using a research paper outline when writing feminism papers. Honestly with such a broad topic you are going to want to organize your thoughts. An outline is a sort of map of your paper. You label each paragraph out so you don’t repeat the same point more than once. It’s also an excellent tool for your citations. That way you can almost write the essay around your quotes not vice versa.

3.Feminism papers really requires a level of passion and expertise. It’s such a real and present topic. Along with learning about great past feminists also focus on current ones. You can interview people you meet in your everyday life- moms, sisters, friends and wives. The world is changing, it’s also important to learn what the present day feminist is like.

4.Make sure you edit you edit your paper on feminism. Even if you write the best paper in the world your ideas, thoughts and vision will be lost if your paper is not edited properly. How can you expect for anyone to believe what you are writing about if you have grammatical errors? You paper will lose credibility if there are errors. Have another set of eyes edit your paper even after you have fully edited it yourself.

I really enjoyed writing my paper on feminist. I consider myself one but I know it’s considerable easier nowadays to stand up for your convictions that it was twenty years ago. Kudos to those women and kudos as well to Chris. After he read my paper he came around quite a bit. Even cooking dinner for me at least twice a week. But he still won’t let me behind the wheel if he is in the car. Feminists also know how to pick their battles.

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