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Examples Of A Research Paper Can Be Hard to Find

May 11th, 2010

Being a Example is Hard. Finding an Example of a Research Paper is Harder

I have always been a really good person. I pay my taxes on time, I don’t lie and I have never cheating on my boyfriends. I think it’s because my parents have always been really strict. It was borderline insane. But as I got older she loosened up a bit and I generally became a very well rounded person. I remember when my friends got to play outside or go on long vacations I was going to bible camp and spending time with cousins on a farm. My life was good. It was fun. But as I got older I realized not everyone grew up just like I did. Many people I knew were honestly just crazy. They always cheated on their boyfriends or girlfriends and their boyfriends or girlfriends. They drank excessively and their lives were generally not what I would say is kosher. Sometimes I would look at their lives and wonder how they could look themselves in mirror everyday. But because of the way my parents brought me up i felt it was necessary to try and be an example for them. I know that examples are important. When I was in college I was a tutor for the English department. The biggest problems that most students had were writing research papers. I can recognize that research papers can be quite daunting. They can really be a lot of work. I know this so when I was trying to teach my students how to write a research paper I really tried to be as helpful as possible so not only did I come up with tips on how to write a research paper I came up with many examples of a research paper.

  • Do your research. This means actually doing some reading. Not just perusing websites and books. But really sitting down and taking at least a week to read three books from cover to cover. Journals are also a good avenue to take. They are chalk full of condensed info. Note, stay away from using more than one website. Honestly they are just not very reliable.
  • A good example of a research paper would more than likely stem from a great research paper outline. An outline is sort of like a map of your paper. You would clearly label each paragraph and state specifically what you want each paragraph to contain. You can clearly mark where each citation will go as well as where your thesis statement will be.
  • Edit your paper. It is very hard to edit your own work. An example research paper should be free of all spelling and grammar mistakes. The best thing for you to do is to find another set of eyes for your paper. Ask a teacher, a peer or even take your paper to the free tutoring service that most universities offer.
  • A basic research paper sample includes an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction tells the audience what you are going to tell them and should include the thesis. The body goes into detail about the mains points you introduced in the essay. There should be one paragraph per main point you are making. The conclusion concludes your paper. It sums up the paper and restates your thesis.

I can’t say I always enjoyed being an example to the people in my life. It can be quite hard always trying to be perfect. By the same token examples of good research papers can be really hard to find. But if you look hard enough you can find them. The above tips can not only help you find examples but allow you to write a great research paper as well.

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