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The Example Research Paper Really Help My Students Write Great Papers

May 5th, 2010

Example Research Papers Are a Great Resource When Students Are Learning to Write Papers

I am the oldest of four children. No matter what anyone says it really sucks being the oldest. Nothing really good can come from it. My parents were always the hardest on me. And it was always my fault if my siblings did something wrong. It was really very frustrating. I had all the “firsts.” The first to learn how to drive a car, the first to go to prom and the first to go to college. Being first is not always best. It was like had to be the person to break the ice for everyone else and by the time my youngest brother got to do something life was just really easy for him. More so I really got tired of leading by example. I had to do everything right. Always. When I became a high school English teacher this concept was something I kept with me. Leading by example for my students was really important. I always tried to be positive when I was around them. I didn’t want to complain or be negative. More so I really watched my tone and made sure I talked to them with respect. The same idea carried over when I had to teach my students how to write a research paper. I decided the best way was to find example research papers for them to refer to.

1.An example research paper should show the various citation methods. The two main ones being APA and MLA you can follow the examples below when using either methods:

Last name of author, first name of author. Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher, year. Print.

Last name of author, First name of author. (year). Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher.

The in text citation is as follows:

(Last name of author, year, page#)

2.Research is key when writing a research paper. Really do some good quality research. Read a lot. It’s really important to try and become an authority on what you are writing about. This can only be done by putting in the work. remember most teachers can tell if you just pulled a citation out of context.

3.Not all sources are created equal. Be very particular about the sources you are choosing to use. Really stick with well know books and journals. Stay away from internet sources. I know they can be easy and very tempting. But the truth is you can find any website that is willing to say anything. Websites are not regulated and using them as a source would not be a very reliable source.

4.Example research papers should be free of all spelling and grammatical errors. It will be very difficult for anyone to follow a paper when it is full of errors. Do your best to edit your paper on your own. The truth is another set of eyes will be much better. Ask a peer, your parents or even head over to a free academic center and ask their assistance in editing your paper.

5.Consider term-papers-writer.com for all of your term and research paper needs. They are a great resource filled with hilarious blogs and even have an academic writing department. They can write your paper or even just edit it for you.

If you can find at least one great example research paper you’ll be gold. One is really only you need just to get you started. At first you will mirror the paper but after awhile writing a research paper will just come to you. Just like my siblings they followed in my footsteps for some years but as they got older.

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