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A Biology Research Paper Format is fairly Similar to Most Paper Formats

April 27th, 2010

Biology Research Paper Formats Should Include Visual Representations

My mom was a hospice nurse. She really loved her job. Once in a while she would take me along on some of her appointments and I always wondered how in the world she could do it. The people seemed so soft and fragile. I felt like the Grim Reaper hung over every bedroom we entered. My mom was always positive and cheery. She would always notice if someone got flowers or new shoes. It made me feel a little sick to my stomach. I have a lot of respect for my mom but I never thought I could do half of what she did. I wasn’t as strong as she was. When I began choosing colleges my mom obviously wanted me to go to her alma mater. I didn’t mind that part but when she started hinting around at me being a doctor I got a little frustrated but I wanted to please her so of course I started my freshman year as a premed major. This was where I really had to learn different biology research paper formats.

1.The first thing to know about the biology research paper format is that most papers include a lot of charts, graphs and of course pictures. Biology is really more visual than wordy descriptions.

2.Research is key. Most biology research paper formats are fairly cut and dry. There is very few opinions that can be formed. So don’t try. Find some really good books, journal and articles. Stay away from internet sources. You really want to site sources that are reputable.

3.Termpaperwriter.org is a great resource to utilize when trying to write any type of research or term paper. They even an academic writing center where you can have them write your papers for you where they offer an unlimited about of amendments. They are not happy unless you are.

4. Basic format exists just like with any research paper an introduction, body and conclusion is needed. The introduction should include the thesis and main points you will be writing about. The body goes into detail about each point and the conclusion sums it all up and restates your thesis. General rule of thumb is to have one citation for every point made.

5. Editing. Yes you may end up with this great paper with amazing resources. And lets not forget the colorful pictures and diagrams that will be sprinkled throughout your research paper but all of that means nothing if your paper is not edited properly.

I learned the biology research paper format fairly quickly when I started college. It wasn’t easy since the biology research paper style is a whole another animal. The writing portion is fairly similar to most research papers. The main difference I can really see is just the lack of opinion that can’t be brought to the table. I dare say it it probably the hardest of research papers to write but it’s not impossible.

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