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What is a research paper outline Designed To Do?

April 20th, 2010

What Are Research Paper Outlines and What is the Purpose of One?

I get so tired of people at times. Sometimes I wish I could just sit in a corner somewhere all by myself. I feel like I am always busy. Always frustrated and never really ever living in the moment. Not only am I a senior in college taking a sixteen credit course load I am the editor of my college newspaper. It really is a great job but working in such close quarters with people at all hours of the evening can get really trying. It’s really close quarters with really bad pizza, flat coke and red pens. Around one am people really change, they act different. Being tired really does not bring out the best in people. This night in particular one of my copy editors was looking through an article that posed the question of what is a research paper outline? Pretty much it was an opinion piece from one of the students venting because she thought writing outlines were just silly. I have had people ask me what are research paper outlines are so I thought it would be beneficial to the opinion to accompany it with a list explaining what is a a research paper.

1. So what are research paper outlines? They are designed to help the students write a better and more accurate paper by breaking down a research paper into more manageable parts. But how does it do this?

2. An outline gives you an overview of what your paper will be about. It breaks down the introduction, body and conclusion. It should have areas where you can insert your thesis and citations. It’s almost a map to a better research paper.

3 . Most research paper outlines will include a bibliography designed to help you write the best paper possible. Since the bibliography will serve as great reference when you do eventually sit down and write your paper.

4. Remember that the ultimate goal is to get you to write a paper so the more detailed you can be on your outline the better. Expand on some ideas and jot down some really good notes. This will help you write a great paper.

5.Be sure to edit your outline. More than likely if make any kind of spelling and grammatical error on your outline this will more than likely carry over to you term paper.

6.Consider utilizing term-papers-writer.com. It is a great resource for all of your term or research paper needs. They also have an academic writing service where you will receive fifteen percent off your first order.
I though the research paper outline article was a hit. I think the students really learned a lot and they really did understand that this type of outline is not designed to be more work but to help the students write a better and more accurate research paper.

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