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I Recruited Term Paper Writers For my Newspaper

January 30th, 2010

I Recruited Term Paper Writers For my Newspaper

I was the first ever sophomore senior editor of my University paper. It was a tremendous accomplishment for me. I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself. I knew being the editor and chief would be challenging but I could do it. I also understood I couldn’t be a great leader if I didn’t have some excellent writers to lead. I arrived back from summer vacation earlier than I was suppose to. My parents helped me unload my belongings from the truck and I barely had time to say hello to my two roommates before I ran over to the newsroom. I had finalized my staff at the end of last year. I could tell there was a little descent amongst the group about being lead by a sophomore since most of them were seniors. But over all I think the majority of them were happy that I had earned the job. I thought wrong. When I walked into the newsroom noticed almost everyone’s desk was empty there were no personal belongings and the room was fairly bare. On the white board that I used to assign articles there was a note signed by every member of my staff: “We refuse to be lead by a sophomore, Good luck.” I knew I had to find some term paper writers and quick.

I about lost it when I read the note but I knew I had no other choice than to put an amazing paper out the following week. I needed to prove to them that I could do it. I decided to recruit term paper writers since at this point I wasn’t worried about content so much as I was worried about the editing and format. When one writes a great research paper you need to edit once, walk away and then edit again. They also understand that term papers should be free of all grammatical errors. I knew they would be the perfect people to recruit.

The advanced writing professor was my advisor and I asked her help in recruiting writers for the paper. She helped me find four really good term paper writers from the advanced writing class. Not only were they great content writers they were also amazing editors. I began assigning articles that evening.

The articles at first were a bit robotic and calculated. Obviously more like a term paper then a fun conversational article. That took a bit of editing and patience on my part but I knew the content was there it just needed to be tweaked a bit.

My term paper writers and I were up until three am putting the paper together. When I took the finished paper to the printer that morning I knew I would prove the staff that abandoned me wrong. The following Friday the paper came out and I received many, many compliments on it. Some of the members of my old staff asked if they could rejoin the paper. But there was no way I would oust my term paper writers for them.

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