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Jill Was Forced To Write A Term Paper Example To Make Extra Money

January 16th, 2010

Jill Was Forced to To Write A Term Paper Example To Make Extra Money

My coworker Jill is one of those people who’s always broke. Honestly she never wants go out, she doesn’t have money for presents or shopping. In general she is kind of dud. I guess you could say she is just thrifty. I met Jill after she started working as an editor with me for the local paper. Jill was a good editor she always got her articles in on time and was never late for work. Jill was that she was never willing to stay late. We were salaried employees which meant if the paper needed a final edit after five we had to do it. Jill always had a lame excuse, she had to feed her cats or her slow cooker needed to be turned off. It frustrated me since I usually was the one staying till ten at night to make sure the paper went out on time. One morning I gave Jill a stack of articles to edit. When I walked over to her cubicle to see how she was doing. I saw her typing what looked like a term paper. She quickly minimized it and went back to editing the articles. I asked Jill if she had gone back to school. She sighed and looked at me, she said was typing a term paper example.

Jill and I went to lunch that afternoon. We were never really friends but Jill seemed like she needed one. She proceeded to tell me how she had come home one day and her roommate had abandoned their apartment and hadn’t left a forwarding address or phone number. Jill was devastated. She couldn’t afford to pay the rent alone and she still had eight months left on the lease. Jill had taken a job as private college tutor. I felt horrible for her. She proceeded to tell me how she could barely afford food, she had just ordered fries at the restaurant, and she really felt stretched thin trying to write a term paper example for each kind of research paper so that her students would have a reference to utilize.

I told Jill I would help anyway I could. She told me she was swamped trying to coming up with writing a term paper example that was broad enough to cover many different types of papers. She asked me if I could write a couple of tips on term paper writing. It had been awhile since I was in college but I did have a masters in English and knew I could help Jill out. I typed it up and presented it to her.

1. Choose a narrow yet broad topic

2. Create a basic outline before you write your paper. This should include main points and a thesis statement.

2. Don’t be afraid of having more than one draft of your paper

3. Editing is key. Edit once. Walk away and edit it again.

4. Make sure you know what citation method your professors wants: MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago. They are all very different.

That evening I told Jill I wanted to help her find her roommate. After all, she was the reason why Jill was trying to come up with a broad term paper example and why she was severally in debt. I started doing some critical analysis research online to see if I could find her. I was finally able to track her down. Her roommate was living less that three blocks away from Jill in a studio apartment with her boyfriend. Jill was able to take her to court for the rent she owed since her name was still on the lease. Not only did she received the rent she owed but also the future payments as well. I was really happy for Jill and she was happy she didn’t have to continue to write another term paper example.

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