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My Term Paper Cover Saved My Paper

January 10th, 2010

My Term Paper Cover Saved My Paper

My mom always told me to never underestimate the power of presentation. No matter who you are or what you are doing the presentation is key. If you want respect act like you deserve it. Don’t buy a car in your pajamas, don’t go on a job interview without a hair cut and don’t leave the house without at lease some foundation. My mom told me the way you look says a lot. It also gives you confidence. Heels make you stand a little straighter and mascara helps you to look the other person right in the eye. My mom took and passed the bar exam while wearing a three piece suit.I took what she said to heart. I paid attention to the way I looked. I got dressed everyday no matter what and I never just sat around in my pajamas. Looks, nowadays means everything. So when I had to write my final research paper for college I got up everyday got dressed put on make up and wrote my paper. And of course I looked long and hard for the perfect term paper cover.

My friends always laughed at me when I showed up everyday to cafeteria for breakfast fully dressed and wearing makeup. My friend Jimmy often said he had never seen my face without make and Paula always asked if I owned a pair of flat shoes. I brushed off their comments. Dressing this way gave me more confidence and self esteem. It also helped when I got up everyday and worked on my final term paper for college. I worked really hard on the paper often spending long hours doing key analysis research in the library. My study breaks consisted of online shopping for the right term paper cover. It was hard. Did I want to go colorful or professional? Did I want clear? Did I want to three hole punch my paper? There were many decisions to choose from.

Aside from looking for a term paper cover I also wanted the cover page to look professional. I decided not to use any fancy fonts or make my words very big. My term paper cover would be clear and concise with the title in the middle and my name underneath. The bottom right section would include my name again, the date, name of the professor and title of the class. I wanted to keep it simple and classic.

The day I finished my final term paper, the paper that would determine whether I would graduate or not, I dressed in my best business suite, put my makeup on carefully and picked out some great jewelry pieces. I really needed to feel good today. I then printed out my paper. No sooner did I hit the print button did my computer freeze. I pressed every key but couldn’t get my computer to work again. The next thing I knew it looked like a virus was attacking it as I slowly saw all my files begin to delete. I stared at the printer making sure all the pages had printed. The next thing I knew my term paper was due in less than twenty minutes. I shoved my paper into the term paper cover I had purchased the night before and began running to my class room. I really shouldn’t have worn heels that day because I then tripped on an uneven sidewalk, fell and hit my face against the ground hard. I looked up to see my term paper land in a puddle of water and dirt. As I got up and rushed over to the only copy I had of my final term paper I realized that my paper had been saved by the cover. It had shielded the mud, soot and water. I turned my paper in with a bloody lip, ripped slacks and without the term paper cover. Sometimes presentation isn’t everything.

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