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The Only Assistance I received was Term Paper Assistance

February 5th, 2010

The Only Assistance I received was Term Paper Assistance

Nobody’s perfect. Even if you think someone is, once you get to know them you see all their little flaws. My best friend Emily is not perfect but sometimes I have a really hard time calling her my friend. I have known Emily for over twenty years. She is the kind of friend who is just convenient. Since I’ve known her for over fifteen years, she is just very comfortable and safe. I can say anything to her and I have to do little to work at it. She has many good qualities. She is funny, somewhat generous and can really keep a conversation going. That’s really where her good qualities end. Emily is also the most selfish person I know. She is lazy and not all driven to be better. She boastful and very selfish. Emily’s absolute worst quality is she is extremely unreliable. She is somewhat smart. But because she is indeed lazy she got a job writing term papers. It was the only job she could do from the bedroom she still had in her parents home. Therefore when I needed some term paper assistance I knew who to turn to.

Writing critical analysis research on random academic topics is just boring to me. I love to write articles, journals and books. But writing research papers about things I really could care less about is not my forte. Emily really likes writing term papers for other people. Namely because she gets paid to do it. Since Emily is my best friend I asked for her term paper assistance. I was surprised when she was willing to help me with the paper.

I utilized Emily’s term paper assistance and went to work the following day writing my paper. I created a basic five paragraph term paper. I first created a good outline for my paper. My introduction was strong and witty ending with a strong thesis statement. I made three very strong points and alloted a paragraph for each. I also had good sources sited in APA format. In my concluding paragraph, I restated my points and thesis statement. After I had completed the paper not only did I edit it but I then gave it to Emily to edit it again. A second set of eyes is always a good thing.

That evening as I was leaving her home my mind began to wander. I knew because of Emily’s term paper assistance I would get a really good grade. I began to get on the highway I began to merge and noticed an object right in my path. I tried to avoid it, swerved and hit the barrier. My car spun around and when I stopped I was facing the wrong way on the freeway. Thankfully I was on the shoulder. I pulled out my phone to call the cops. Two cars where beginning to stop. But I was instantly aware of my dad’s warnings so I waived them away. I called the police who said they would be there shortly. My next call was to Emily. She was less than five minutes always from where I was and I thought she could at least wait with me or drive me to where ever I needed to go. I literarily called Emily ten times in a row. I panicked a bit. It was close to midnight and it was very dark outside. My parents lived almost four hours away and I would need someone to pick me up after my car had been towed.

I called Emily two more times the last time she answered with a “where’s the fire” I told her what had happened and that I was waiting on the shoulder of the freeway. She instantly starting naming other people who I could call. I was floored. She said she was just too busy to help me and since she didn’t have a ride to get to where I was I would have to call someone else. I never talked to Emily ever again after that day. I couldn’t believe how unbelievably selfish and horrible she was. She may have given me some term paper assistance but I would never ask for her help ever again.

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