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Erica’s Research Papers For Sale Ad Taught Her to Be More Independent

January 22nd, 2010

Erica’s Research Papers For Sale Ad Taught Her to Be More Independent

I didn’t grow up with a lot. My parents were both working class people and with six kids in my family there wasn’t a lot of money for anything extra. As I grew up I learned to save my money. I looked for sales and rarely bought anything at full price. I really knew the value of work since I had a job since I was sixteen. My friend Erica is the complete opposite. She grew up very, very privileged. Her parents had tons of money. Her mom was a doctor and her dad was a professor at the state university. As a result she didn’t have any student loans. When her dad got tired of his luxury car he passed it over to Erica. Since her parents babied her she didn’t have much drive or ambition since she always knew she could fall back on them. She also could never keep a job longer than a month. Erica always found some excuse why the job didn’t work for her. After the fifth job she decided she wanted to go to graduate school. Shortly after her first week began her parents informed her that they were stretched too thin and would be filing for bankruptcy. They would not be able to help Erica financially any longer. Eric quickly began postings ads that stated she had research papers for sale.

Erica was always a really good writer honestly it was about the only thing she didn’t rely on her parents to do. But now she felt her only solution was to post ads on the internet, signs on the college boards and just generally pass on pamphlets that said “research papers for sale.” It was a real difficult transition for Erica.

On afternoon we were driving around in her car. She hadn’t come to the point of selling it yet. We pulled over at the station when her gas light beeped. I was driving and she was sitting in the passenger seat with her lap top going over her some basic tips on term papers:

1.Create an outline that includes the basic five paragraph term paper : introduction, three main paragraphs for the body and conclusion.

2.State the thesis statement in the first and last paragraphs And have derivatives of that statement in each body paragraph.

3.Edit once walk away and edit again. She research papers for sale business would not thrive if she ever had spelling or grammar errors.

I popped the gas tank and waited for Erica to get out. She continued to work on her lap top. She was now trying to create a more eye catching research papers for sale sign. I continued to wait and she looked up and asked where “the gas man was.” I looked at her laughed and said it was self serve. She turned red closed her lap top and got out of the car. She fumbled with the gas hose. I looked at curiously. Erica had never pumped a tank of gas in her life. I quickly jumped out of the car before spilled gas everywhere.

Not only did Erica’s research papers for sale sign teach her how to be pump gas but it also showed her how to be more independent. Erica was getting very frustrated. She felt like she couldn’t do anything on her own. Not only did she now use the internet to post info on her research papers for sale but Erica was also able to find a great part time job and this time she kept it.

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