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Michelle’s Research Paper Topics Allowed Her to be Informed

January 19th, 2010

Michelle’s Research Paper Topics Allowed Her to be Informed

My junior year in college I began student teaching. It was a horrible job. I got stuck in one of the worst public schools Detroit had to offer. It was situated in a low income area and some kids were even bussed in. I quickly learned that high school students have little to no respect for teachers especially, new teachers and more over student teachers. I was called every single name you could think of and some I couldn’t. They really had little to no interests in research paper topics or algebra. I ran into all sorts of all social issues. One of my students, Michelle, became pregnant by a teacher. I actually knew both the students and the teacher. The odd thing was that the local newspaper actually printed the name of the pregnant student but not the teacher. I had always wanted to be a teacher but I now was thinking this may not be the career for me.

It was really hard to hone the students in. They really didn’t have much interests in the class room. I decided to have them come up with at least five research paper topics that they will be writing over the semester. They could come up with any research paper topics they wanted but offered these key ideas.

1.Pick a variety of research paper topics but make sure the topic is broad enough where you will be able to find sources.

2.Use only reputable internet sources

3.Make sure you have a clear thesis that is weaved into every paragraph of your term paper.

I tried to help the students understand that their research paper topics could be about their everyday lives. Perhaps they would want to pick a couple of research paper topics on teen pregnancy, urban poverty or gang violence. I wanted them to find topics that would engage and perhaps inform them. I was really excited about the prospects this new project would entail for my students.

A week later Michelle came up to me after class and told me she was really having a hard time coming up with different research paper topics. I told her to sit and think and write about what she knew or rather maybe even something she wanted to know. Michelle came back with two research paper topics. One entailed teen abortion and the other was about the actual birthing process. It didn’t take long to see that she was talking about herself.

Michelle came up with a couple research paper topics about her current situation. She ended up writing a stellar research paper about the birthing process. She found it very educational to now know what exactly to expect on the day her child was born.

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