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Coming Up With Catchy Research Paper Titles Is Not Easy

January 24th, 2010

Coming Up With Catchy Research Paper Titles Is Not Easy

I am a pretty good academic writer. I know to cite term papers really well. I think of myself as being good at most things. The problem is I am just not very creative. I’m pretty plain and unimaginative. I don’t have a creative bone in m body. I buy my clothes right off the mannequins, jewelry, shoes and all. It really is something I have always struggled with. There isn’t exactly a class on being creative. I think it’s something that you are just born with. My boyfriend Brandon is a pediatric doctor. Suffice to say that anything he really wants he can buy himself. When his birthday rolled around I really wanted to get something really special for him. I continued to probe him on what he really wanted. He laughed and told me he really just want me to make him something. I laughed and told him I’d make frozen waffles for breakfast. The following week I was surfing the web for scholarships I could apply for. I would be starting graduate school next year and I really couldn’t afford it without financial aid. Yes my boyfriend was a doctor, but we had only been dating a short time and there was no way I would ask him for the money. I came across a scholarship on term papers I knew would be a piece of cake for me. I just had to come with some eye catching research paper titles.

I quickly read through the scholarship terms. It called for me to write a total of three research papers and it had the following tips.
1.Make sure your research paper titles are catchy and on topic with your paper.
2.Use MLA formating: Author. Title. City of Publication: Publisher, Year.
3.A strong thesis is required and needs to be used in every supporting paragraph.

I was excited that I had finally found a scholarship I could handle but I had no idea how I would be able to come up with creative research paper titles. I did some strong critical analysis research on this. First I tried use funny cliché’s but I knew that wouldn’t work. Next I tried to work some palindromes in but it looked really forced.

After I had written the papers I knew I had to think of some creative research paper titles or I wouldn’t be picked for the scholarship and I really needed the money. I confronted Brandon on my dilemmas. After all he had to be somewhat creative with his patients everyday to keep their attention. He came up with a couple of research paper titles that may have worked. But I wasn’t willing to give up yet.

Finally I went talked to my seven year old niece Stephanie. She was really attentive, funny and really very smart. I think she got all the creativity. I read her all three of my papers and she gave me four great and creative research paper titles to use. I did end up getting the scholarship and years later when Brandon and I got married we put Stephanie through her undergraduate education.

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