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My Roommate May Have Used Different Research Paper Styles but She Didn’t Have Any Class

January 12th, 2010

My Roommate May Have Used Different Research Paper Styles but She Didn’t Have Any Class

My roommate, Penny, who was totally obsessed with the men. It was all she ever talked about. This is what I got for finding a roommate off a social networking site. My original plan was to find a tutor. I was having some trouble with a bunch of research term paper I had to write since I pretty much slept through my sophomore year in college. Penny originally began tutoring me. She helped me think of different research paper styles to focus on so they wouldn’t become so monotonous. Shortly after we met Penny got kicked out of her parents house. She made a deal with me, she would not only help with different research papers styles but she would write the papers for me in exchange for my spare bedroom.

Penny was fairly smart, just not very bright. She stayed up all night and slept during the day. But every morning she had written another paper staying true to her idea of different research paper styles. Sometimes she would use APA citation method, sometimes she would use MLA, a couple of times she used Harvard and once she used a really odd citation method called Chicago. I also really liked the different research paper styles she played around with.

One of her research paper styles consisted of four strong ideas she was debating. Penny took each point and alloted one paragraph per thought with strong supporting ideas and ample quotes to back up her points. Another research paper style was a bit more complicated but seemingly more effective. Penny had five strong ideas that she presented clearly in the the introduction paragraph. She then wrote about the first idea and in the second paragraph she explained why this point was better than the first. She continued this way until the fifth idea was obviously the best one and went right into a very strong conclusion.

While Penny worked on different research paper styles she simultaneously was either instant messaging one of her potential internet boyfriends or surfing the net to me the next to meet more men. I had no idea how she could do both at once. She had books laying all over the floor as her fingers were flying always on the keyboard and she had about eight different windows open that lead to strange chat rooms that I had never heard of. I didn’t care as long as she was writing papers that had different research paper styles.

One morning I woke up in the middle of the night after some very loud giggling was coming from the spare bedroom. I looked at my clock it was two am. I had to get up for class in four hours. I tried to fall back to sleep but then I heard giggles again and another voice. A much deeper voice. I crawled out of bed and walked straight into the spare bedroom there was Penny staring into the computer camera essentially doing a strip tease for what I can only assume was a guy she had just met online. I had three papers due that morning. I turned off the video camera and through the few clothes she had managed to slide off at her. That was the last time I saw Penny. She stayed true to her word she had entertained many different research paper styles but she had no style or class when it came to herself.

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