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Research Paper Outline Template Helps Students Write The Best Paper Ever

April 18th, 2010

Write Great Papers When Using Research Paper Outline Templates

My best friend Sam has this saying: “she would prefer to be anything than what she is.” She has always had a really hard life. Men have always walked all over her, her parents were pretty tough on her and her older brother is totally and completely worthless. The truth is her and I have little to nothing in common. But somehow we have always worked. We have been friends for over ten years and we have always been close. Sometimes I fee like her therapist, she tells me these long drawn out stories about her life and I listen intently and try and give her feedback. I think everyone needs a friend like that. Sam has always told me that I am her template. I am the way she wants to be. I have been married for almost five years to an awesome man, I come from a fairly good family and I always try to do the right thing. I think that’s why we are friends. She uses me as someone to bounce ideas off of but also as someone to model and look up to. When I graduated from college I became an eighth grade teacher. It was a really difficult job, kids today are not at all the way they were when I was young. I try to be a template for these children on how to act. Discipline is the biggest problem I run into. When the research paper unit rolled around I had the same idea. The students were really having a hard time grasping the idea of a research paper. I then introduced the idea of a research paper outline. Some of my students were able to grasp that but for many it just fell death ears. I finally came up with the idea, from my best friend to create a research paper outline template.

1.A research paper outline template brakes down every single part of the research paper into manageable categories. It makes the paper much easier to work with. Especially if you have never written a research paper before this method will help you greatly.

2.When I created the research paper outline templates I made sure for each main point there would be a supporting citation. Furthermore I also created a bibliography page that would need to accompany any completed outline. That way the students would have a frame of reference when writing their paper.

3. The template was fairly simple: Introduction, body (approximately three paragraphs) and conclusion. I had spots in each section for the thesis statement and citation.

4.Have some fun with it. The truth is with eighth grade students I wasn’t expecting Pulitzer prize award winning work. They are kids. I asked them to pick their own topics so they could have fun writing their paper and maybe learn a little more about something they found interesting. If you are genuinely interested in your topic this will come through in your paper. The truth is, I am not looking so much for content as I am format.

I think everyone could use a template to mirror. The research paper outline templates really helped my students do extremely well on their research papers. I knew if my students outlines were great then their papers would be amazing. Just as I tried to be a great example to my friends and students the template was an exact model of what their research paper outline should consist of.

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