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Good Research Paper Outline Samples Are Needed to Write a Great Paper

April 18th, 2010

A Research Paper Outline Sample is An Excellent Way To Help Students Write Papers

Most situations in life require steps. There is a natural order to somethings. My boyfriend subscribes to this theory more so than anyone I have every met. Everything has an order a step. He wakes up in the morning goes for a run. He then has breakfast, showers and gets dressed. His shirt must match his socks and his tie is the absolute last thing he puts on and he ties it at least four times before it’s “rock star.” That’s his order. He can’t shower before he eats. He can’t put his tie on before he puts his pants on and his socks have never not matched his shirt. That is his order. I thought about this idea when I was putting together the research paper unit for my English one thousand class. I had been an adjunct professor for two years and was recently asked to teach English to the incoming freshman. I know that writing a research paper can be daunting. There is just so much to know. But if my students could understand the order of doing it that would be ideal. I think a clear and cut defined order of how a research paper should be written would really help them. I thought research paper outline samples would be just the thing to help them.

1.A research paper outline sample is ideal since then you have a clear way to mimic exactly how your outline should be written. Every single paragraph should be mapped out in clear steps according to how your paper will be written. Just like my boyfriend, no step should come before the other. The conclusion should not be mapped on the outline before the introduction. The body shouldn’t be the last paragraph of the essay. If the order of the paper is maintained in the research paper outline samples, this will translate easily to your essay.

2.Research is key. Make sure you do your research prior to composing your outline. By research I mean really do some reading. I can’t tell you how often I have received a paper were a student just grabbed a quote out of context without reading the rest of the paragraph. We can tell. Really we can.

3.The research paper outline sample I passed out to my students not only contained cleared defined paragraphs with citations but also included a bibliography. This will help you tremendously when writing your paper, since you will then be able to reference back when you are actually writing your paper.

4.Edit early and often. If your outline is free of spelling and grammatical errors then your research paper will be as well. Be sure you are aware of the citation method your professor wants: APA, MLA, Chicago etc. This could be the difference between an A and F paper.

Sometimes following the proper order of things is good. I can recognize that. Yes I may bust my boyfriend’s chops about being so anal when he gets dressed in the morning but I also understand that’s the process he has established to get things done. He’s in great shape and successful. The research paper outline serves the same purpose. If done correctly it can really get you to a great research paper. If you follow the correct order that a paper should be in with the research paper outline, your paper will golden.

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