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She was Suppose to Help Him with A Research Paper Format But She Ended Up Writing His Papers

January 15th, 2010

She was Suppose to Help Him with A Research Paper Format But She Ended Up Writing His Papers

My friend Lucy always seemed to be attracted to people with disabilities. I am not talking your normal everyday disabilities that men have: noncommittal, lazy, archaic and unhygienic. No Lucy always seemed to attract men who had physical disabilities. And not just your run of the mill missing a finger or gimpy leg. No Lucy always seemed to fall for men who were blind, paraplegic and one was just a down right idiot who spoke some off dialect I had never heard of. They could barely hold a conversation so all they ever did was make out I think Lucy just always felt like she couldn’t get anyone any better. She had pretty low self esteem. She was pretty with short red hair and green eyes. But she had a bit of a weight and acne problem. One day she called me and chewed my ear off about her latest boyfriend. His name was Jeremy. She went on for about an hour about what a great guy he was. She hadn’t met him yet but had been talking to him online all night. Lucy emailed me his picture while we talked. He wasn’t a bad looking guy but something just seemed really off about him. Then she told me that he was deaf and it all made sense. She met Jeremy online after he posted an ad that he needed help with his term papers. In particular he was having problems with a research paper format. Lucy was pretty smart and she needed the extra money. They arranged to meet up the next afternoon.

Lucy could never be friends with any guy. She always had a crush on my cousin Steve. Steve used to hang out with us quite a bit until one day Lucy just came on way too strong and Steve told me he didn’t want to hang out with her anymore. It was understandable, so when Lucy told me she would be helping Jeremy with a research paper format I knew she had a more intimate relationship in mind.

Lucy began studying sign language. She was always pretty good at picking up languages but she was having an especially hard time with this one. She decided to write out a cheat sheet for Jeremy to follow for his research paper format.

1. Learn to the using the two basic citations:

MLA is in text
APA is at the bottom using footnotes

2. Keep your sources to books and journals most professors frown on internet resources

3. Pick a broad research topic where you’re guaranteed to find many sources.

4. A strong conclusion means a strong thesis that is reiterated in each paragraph and in the last paragraph.

When Lucy finally met Jeremy, as predicted, she fell head over heels for him. He could talk fairly well and she was really happy he could read lips so she could abandon her limited sign language skills. Lucy pulled out her cheat sheet on a basic research paper format and explained the steps to him one by one. He watched her lips carefully. When she was done he asked her if she would be his English tutor. Not only helping with basic research paper format but with all the other papers he needed help with. Jeremy and Lucy shortly began dating after that night. And not only did Lucy help him with his the research paper format she ended up writing his papers instead.

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