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The Research Paper Examples were a Tremendous Help with My Paper

January 26th, 2010

The Research Paper Examples were a Tremendous Help with My Paper

When I met Jason I thought I thought I had met the perfect guy. He was the kind of guy little teeny bopper kids wrote songs about. He was so nice and respectful. Jason was also really very smart. He always aced his term papers and just generally had a lot going for him. He wasn’t the best looking of men but his personality really made him what he was. I met Jason in college. We became casual friends but I could never figure out a way to get close to him without seeming like I was coming on too strong. Jason ended up being the teacher’s assistant for the English literature class my sophomore in college. I was having a really hard time with the class until Jason provided me with some great research paper examples.

I think it was fairly obvious that I liked Jason. Every day when class was over I’d find a reason to stay after class and talk to him. I thought that perhaps he was getting a little annoyed with me. But I honestly was having trouble writing research papers. Jason told me he would provide me with some research paper examples in order to better understand how to write.

Jason gave me about four research paper examples to refer to. I went home and read through them. I began to notice some general patterns. I discovered that APA was an in text citation method and MLA contained footnotes. The term paper really followed a basic flow. It had one strong statement that appeared in every paragraph. And in each paragraph their included one main point. It didn’t seem so hard after all.

I had a big paper due at the end the of semester. Jason was really very helpful. He told me he would be more than happy to help me anyway he could. Although he had to be careful since he more than likely would be the one grading the paper. I told him that perhaps I would just need some help editing the paper.

Jason and I spent a lot of time together. I referred many times to his research paper examples but they didn’t help as much as I thought they would. I ended up writing three rough drafts and Jason was very patient and edited each one. When I got them back I carefully went over it. I was determined not to show him that yes I needed his help but I also wanted to see him.

On the day the paper was due I was a little nervous. I really wanted to do Jason justice for spending so much time with me but also I really wanted to prove to myself that I could do this. I gave Jason his research paper examples back and turned in my own perfectly crafted term paper.

That afternoon I again stayed after class to talk to Jason. I of course received tons of looks from my classmates but I didn’t care the semester had come to an end and Jason would no longer be the teaching assistant. He smiled when he looked up and saw me. I hesitated. This would be harder than I had thought. Next thing I knew a boisterous red head popped in the room and gave Jason a kiss on the cheek. He introduced me to his fiancee Jennifer as one of his students. I quickly said hello and left the classroom. I guess Jason was really just good for providing research paper examples. But I did ace my research paper.

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