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My Research Paper Cover Page Was the Only Thing I Needed To Write

February 8th, 2010

My Research Paper Cover Page Was the Only Thing I Needed To Write

There are very few things in this world that I despise but writing is one of them. I am really a horrible writer. But I would never say that out loud. My dad is really well known journalist. He had a daily column in a very well known national paper. Because of this I always felt like I had to be a writer. My dad always told me that someday I would take over his column. He was so happy when I got into the journalism program at a very prominent college. One afternoon as I was working on the research paper cover page for my term paper I really felt like I had enough.

I really spent my whole life trying to please my dad. It is really hard trying to live your life pleasing other people. I’d have to say it was the one thing I had really always regretted. My dad always assumed that I would follow in his footsteps. And I didn’t want to disappoint him. Because of this I had spent the majority of my college years paying people to write my research papers. The only thing I really had ever written on my own during my last two years of college was my research paper cover page.

The research paper cover page required little to no writing just creativeness. So I usually didn’t have a problem with that. But all of my term papers were just beyond me. I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and organize my papers in a logical manner on the page,

When writing my research paper cover page I always read the term paper first. The I came up with a catchy title that reflected the essay. At the bottom right of the cover page I typed out my first and last name, the class, the professor and the date.

I realized during the middle of my sophomore year that I really couldn’t keep this up. Not only was I sick of getting other students to write my term papers I really wanted to pursue my true passion, art. I began minoring in art. But became so enthralled in the classes that I desperately wanted to take more. My professors began to complimenting my work and I got amazing marks in the classes.

During my junior year I decided change my major to art. The problem was how would I tell my dad. I began to take steps to slowly inch myself out of the writing world. I said goodbye to only writing a research paper cover page and dropped most of my writing classes. My dad would constantly ask me how my newspaper articles or advance writing classes were going, I still didn’t have the heart to tell him.

During my senior year, right before I walked across the stage was the day I told my dad I would be graduating with a major in art. He smiled and told me he just wanted me to be happy. I was beyond surprised until he said, “So what have you been doing with all your time now that you have to write more than just the research paper cover page?”

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