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Preparing a Classic Five Paragraph Essay

February 8th, 2010

Academic assignments are often asked to be crafted in a Five Paragraph Essay type. It is often considered to be the widely used essay type among the classic forms of essay writing. The Five Paragraph Essays put into words an august research paper topic in a subtle manner with its topic being developed and established in five consecutive paragraphs.

The Structure

The structure of a five paragraph essay is uniquely compact due its form. In five compact paragraphs the thesis argument is developed and stated in a well-organized style. Like the name suggests the essay is composed of five paragraphs which are one Introduction paragraph, Three Body paragraphs and the Conclusion paragraph respectively.

Introduction: This paragraph introduces the research topic where the thesis statement is made. The thesis statement should be well-presented so as to impress the reader’s attention for pursuing it to the next body paragraphs. Due to this linking role of Introduction, the paragraph is generally considered to be the narrative hook.

Body: The thesis is getting shape in the body which comprises three consecutive paragraphs, each explaining the thesis argument with supportive data and analytical record. These three paragraphs deal the topic’s detailed critical research analysis with stating the fore and mentioning the opposed views. The task is a bit challenging as the topic study and analysis has to be completed within the three paragraphs.

Paragraph I: Here the writer has to draw his/her main argument regarding the topic. As a carry-over from Introduction, one should ensure that the first or second paragraphs clearly comprehend the subject of the paragraph, quickly graspable to the readers. Also the final portion of the paragraph should include the transitional hook to the second paragraph.

Paragraph II: In connection to the previously stated views in first paragraph, this paragraph carry out the thesis statement with further supporting arguments. The paragraph sketches out the middle portion of the thesis and fully focuses upon the topic analysis.

Paragraph III: Next to the second paragraph here, the topic is illustrated with other related, sometimes weaker arguments compared to the first and second paragraph. The topic’s supporting arguments are more or less winded up in this paragraph.

Conclusion: The last and fifth paragraph draws up the conclusion of the thesis and sums up the arguments stated earlier. With impressive final statements the writer can make the Five Paragraph Essay remarkable of worthy research and analysis. Outlining the main points and the thesis statement once more, this paragraph can be concluded with a persuasive final statement.

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