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A Non-Plagiarized Term Paper is The Best Paper To Write

February 2nd, 2010

A Non-Plagiarized Term Paper is The Best Paper To Write

Needless to say you’re not suppose to plagiarize your term papers. I have been a college professor for the last two years. I really enjoy the job but I’d like to think I have an edge on my students since I really remember what it was like to be a student. After-all it wasn’t that long ago that I was one. And I’ve been blessed with a photographic memory. I remember how hard it was to be a student. I remember absolutely hating my professors and wondering how I would ever get all this work done. Moreover I also remember that I was suppose to write a non-plagiarized term paper but how easy it was to plagiarize at times.

As a professor now, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I don’t read everything. I simply don’t have time to read all the term papers I get. I have four classes with over fifty students in each class per week. Sure I had a teacher’s assistant but it still really wasn’t enough to give each student a hundred percent attention. I felt badly. I knew these students were doing a lot of critical analysis research and putting their all into their research papers. Obviously non-plagiarized papers were expected. But sometimes even the best of professors will miss plagiarized papers, it is just too much to read.

Back then, I knew how to write a basic research paper. The first paragraph has my thesis and the main points I would be talking about. In the subsequent paragraphs I elaborate on my main points and in my final paragraph I would restate my points bring my thesis back and conclude the essay. But when my senior year in college came around I did not write a non-plagiarized term paper. When I was in school I actually wrote several that were plagiarized. Including my senior year thesis. I knew then what I know now that there was absolutely no way my professor would ever read four hundred one hundred and fifty page term papers in less than a week I wouldn’t have fretted so much.

I refused to spend my entire semester working on this term paper. Yes I believed in the topic at large and yes I knew I had to write it in order to graduate. But I also knew I was a good student with a good reputation and sometimes that’s enough, especially when I knew the professor would never fully read my paper.

Professor Weaks was an excellent English professor but he was old and pretty lazy. He had been teaching longer than I had been alive. He had a special trick for the end of the year research papers. He knew he would never be able to read all those papers. At the end of the year he took the five hundred and some papers and put them in a stack on his desk. He then placed a huge garbage can about five feet away from him. And then proceeded to play the most ridiculous game of basketball you had ever seen in your life. The non-plagiarized term papers that made it into the basket would receive a good passing grade. Those who missed the basket would not. Professor Weaks was not the most sensible professor in the world. I was lucky, I paid a freshman to type up one hundred and fifty pages of plagiarized work he found in various literary sources. My term paper made the basket but those students who wrote non-plagiarized papers and missed the basket were just plain out of luck.

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