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My Term Paper Helped Me Become Less Socially Inept

January 6th, 2010

My Term Paper Helped Me Become Less Socially Inept

I have never been the popular one. When I was growing up I was the gawky, ugly and nerdy girl. I never fit in anywhere. Guys never wanted to talk to me. Girls didn’t want to be my friend. I just over all was never cool. I didn’t know how to talk to people I super, ultra shy and timid. I always felt when a person approached me it wasn’t because they wanted to be friends but because they wanted to make fun of me. The majority of my life I was a loner. It really wasn’t a bad way to live. You get to always see the movies you want. You can turn up the heat as high as you want in your car and you can stretch out completely when you’re sleeping. When I graduated from college I had a real hard time finding a job. I just couldn’t land anything. My biggest problem was I had little to no social skills. I really didn’t know how to talk to people. I literally had zero friends and no one whom I could talk to when I was feeling bad or lonely. I was really frustrated. Furthermore, I needed a job and all my bills were piling up. I needed to shake myself from this lonely life. At this point if I didn’t find a job I would not only be a loner but a homeless loner. I decided to write a term paper to help me become more approachable. I knew my term paper would not only help me get a job but become more social and maybe even make some friends.

Being a loner was fine in college. It helped me focus on my school work and graduate magna cum laude. Now that I was done with school I knew that learning to be more social would be beneficial in the long run. It would help me to have a fuller life and perhaps make more money. It’s a proven fact that people who are liked at work usually get more raises and promotions. I began doing some critical analysis research on my term paper. I needed to figure out how I could put myself out there.

My term paper began with me looking into how I could draw people to me. I found some really good research paper samples in which most people stated how they were attracted to others independence. Nothing is more attractive than a person who doesn’t rely on anyone else. A person who is strong and stands on their own feet. That made me laugh. If that was the case I’d be the most popular person in the world. That’s how I decided to structure my term paper.

The first paragraph of my term paper would introduce my paper. I would then state three main points and in the proceeding paragraphs I would refute each point with strong sources that would back up my points. In the last paragraph I would state my conclusion and explain what I had learned from the term paper.

I was really excited about my term paper when had completed it. I had learned quite a few things about being so socially inept. I learned that I could just be myself with a few tweaks. If someone smiled at me, smile back. Smiling doesn’t always mean they’re trying to mug you. When some wants to know the time don’t ignore them, answer their question. And when someone is talking to you but backing away at the same time, they are trying to end the conversation. They don’t want you to walk towards them and continue to talk to them. My term paper really helped me become more socially aware. I was sure I would nail any job interview I had coming. But first I had to get the interview.

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