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My Marketing Research Paper Helped Me Sell My First Home

January 9th, 2010

My Marketing Research Paper Helped Me Sell My First Home

After college I got a great as a technical writer. I really enjoyed it. It was consistent work everyday. There was always something to do and I met lots of really good and interesting people. The one thing I didn’t enjoy was the lack of flexibility. I had just spent four years of my life following rules. I was so busy that my life was literally mapped out every single hour of every single day. From eating breakfast to sleeping, I had a schedule for everything. When I graduated from college I vowed I would never live a life like that again. I wanted to be free. I wanted flexibility and not having to be somewhere everyday at a certain time. I didn’t want anyone to expect me to be anywhere. I realized as I hit the snooze on my alarm every morning that I was living the life that I said for years that I didn’t want. I had to do something. I pursued the want ads looking for something that would be a little more interesting and a little more flexible. I found an ad that peaked my interests “Tired of those nine to fives? Give real estate a shot.” I got my real estate license and then trudged through the harsh commission only world of real estate and shortly learned I needed to write an marketing research paper to help sell my first home.

I enjoyed my job as a technical writer. But I never really got to write about anything fun or interesting. I knew that a marketing research paper would be fun because it would help me be a better real estate broker. A month after I got my broker license I received my first listing. It was very exciting. I decided to write my first market research paper on this home. It was a very nice home but small and modest. A four bedroom ranch in one of Roanoke, Virginia’s subdivisions. It had a fenced in back yard but a very small one car attached garage. I wanted this house to sell quickly and smoothly. I needed to write a term paper on this home that would show it’s strengths and weaknesses.

The current owners of my first listing had only lived there for two years. They were young and had made few upgrades in the home. They had no idea of the history of it, I knew my marketing research paper would be ideal for this home. At the library I was able to pull it’s plat of survey, old topographical maps and I even found the first owners of the home. It seemed like my research paper was coming along nicely. I was even able to pull some info about the neighborhood and of course the neighbors.

I thought about what questions I would ask if I was buying the home and framed my marketing research paper this way. The first paragraph introduced my topics and I thought of four key questions any potential buyer would have on the home. I created a topic sentence and allotted a paragraph with detailed answers for each question. I ended with a strong conclusion that made even me want to buy the home. I through in some sources sited MLA style and I knew my marketing research paper would help me sell this home.

I handed out copies of the marketing research paper with the fact sheets during my first open house. everyone seemed really impressed and I had very few questions to answer about the home. That afternoon I received four offers. Two of them were above the asking price. I smiled. I knew this home would sell quickly.

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