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At Least My Macbeth Research Paper Wasn’t A Tragedy

February 6th, 2010

At Least My Macbeth Research Paper Wasn’t A Tragedy

I was an English major in college. I loved to write but my university did not have a journalism degree so I was forced to be an English major with a writing concentration. I had to read all of these great novelists. They consisted of the largest books you had ever seen. They were stories that my professors called “wonderful” and “thought provoking.” I often wondered if they really enjoyed these books or if they just said that because it was the right thing to say. It all never really made any sense to me. The most difficult of authors we read was Shakespeare. Shakespeare in particular was very hard for me to read. I simply could not get it. I really did love to read but Shakespeare was simple another language to me. It would take me over an hour to get through one chapter. My sophomore year Shakespeare class brought the tragedy of Macbeth. It seemed like an interesting enough story and it indeed was one of the shortest of Shakespeare’s writings but I basically had a panic attack when my professor told us we had a Macbeth research paper due in two weeks.

I am very good at writing term papers. That much I know. But this paper would be very difficult since I didn’t even know the subject in which I was writing about. It was maddening trying to wrap my head around a Macbeth research paper. For the first time ever I began going to the free tutoring center the university supplied.

I told told them about my Macbeth research paper. They suggested a few websites and notes that I could buy. I went to the local book store and purchased some fairly inexpensive literature on Macbeth. I was amazed on how the story seemed to unlock for me. It was actually a very cool and interesting tragedy. It was a story of man craving power and rule so much that he would do anything to get it. His wife, lady Macbeth, was the classic power hungry woman as well.

I began to write my Macbeth research paper. Once I knew the story the term paper came very easy to me. The first paragraph consisted of the thesis statement and four main points pertaining to the story and why it indeed was a tragedy. I then structured the essay. I gave each point it’s own paragraph supporting the paragraph with quotes from Macbeth in the MLA citation method. The last paragraph consisted of me restating my thesis and reiterating my four points. I also concluded my argument with a very strong statement.

I was very excited about my Macbeth research paper. I felt like I had conquered a very difficult task in which I had thought I would fail but really came out on top. I received an A on that paper. I was overly ecstatic. Yes the story of Macbeth was a huge and terrible tragedy but at least my research paper wasn’t.

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