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I Traded His Lie For A Literary Research Paper

February 4th, 2010

I Traded His Lie For A Literary Research Paper

My first job out of college was at a nursing home. It was really an interesting and fun job. It helped me be more sensitive to the needs of others. I was the activities director, which meant I transported wheel chair bound people through the home all day. I also created activities to keep them busy. During my first month I met Griffin. He was a pretty nice guy, close to my age and fairly interesting. We talked upon occasion, he always said he loved to intellectually spar with me. I always thought he was just trying to pick a fight with me. He could be very pushy. Griffin would make some really off the wall political comment or an off colored joke. A month later I received an e-mail from one of my professors. He told me I needed to write a literary research paper before I would receive my diploma. Writing was never my strong suite. But Griffin told me he was an excellent term paper writer and he had an offer for me. If I would go out with him he would write my literary research paper.

I laughed, hard when Griffin told me this. Until I realized he was serious. It really threw me for a loop. I had no idea he even liked me. But Griffin then proceeded to tell me the whole story. The deal he proposed was that he would write my literary term paper if I would go to his sister’s wedding with him the following weekend and pretend to be his girlfriend. I was floored. He proceeded to tell me that his family was constantly asking him about his relationships or lack of one and he was sick of explaining himself to them. They all thought he was gay and he just wanted to set them straight. I felt horrible for Griffin I agreed to be his date and he began work on my literary research paper.

Griffin was indeed a great writer. He did a lot of research. He had a great thesis statement which was reiterated in every paragraph. He had a topic sentence for each paragraph and a great conclusion. Griffin also used very good, strong sources. He sited them correctly using MLA and used mostly reputable sources such as books and journals. I knew I would ace my literary research paper.

The following week Griffin handed me a huge list of things about himself. They were basic facts and ideas that any couple who had been dating for six months should know. I was amazed at how long he had kept this lie up. I was also surprised they had never wanted to meet this girlfriend he claimed to have before. But I went along with the gag. And memorized his favorite color to his shoe size.

The wedding was really fun. I felt like an actor playing the most bizarre role of my life. I even had a fake name I had to try and remember. Griffin’s family was great and I could tell they really liked me. It was nice not having to be myself and knowing their were very few strings attached to this date. I laughed and drank a lot. Griffin even got a little more physical than I thought was needed. I later told Griffin that the literary term paper for this date wasn’t a fair trade. He then told me he thought a real date would be an adequate trade.

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