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He Knew How to Cite term papers But Didn’t Know How to Express His Feelings.

January 14th, 2010

He Knew How to Cite term papers But Didn’t Know How to Express His Feelings.

Simon is my best friend. I’ve known him since we were in diapers. He’s a great guy. I have always been able to relate more with men than women. Maybe it’s because I grew up with four older brothers but I really never got along very well with women. I think most women are petty, controlling and a bit too emotional. Which is why Simon and I always got along so well. He was the most relaxed person I knew. For years people thought Simon and I were dating. Somewhere in the back of my mind I did always like him but I knew all we would ever be were friends. I think I just knew too much about him. We were both fiction writers who really had aspirations of writing the great American novel someday. But I was terrible at writing term papers. Simon didn’t understand why I didn’t get it. He often laughed at me when I got a C on a paper. I was having an especially hard time when we had learned how to cite term papers.

Our freshman year in high school was when we really had to write a bunch of research papers. Simon told me he would teach me how to cite term papers but he had many other things on his mind. High school was were are relationship really began to change. It wasn’t just Simon and I. It was Simon and what ever girl seemed to be fawning over him. I started to look at Simon differently. He was now at least six feet tall. He was a runner so he had a very lean and muscular build and his face had really thin out from the days I used to call him chubby cheeks. For once I was not the only woman in his life. I began having to listen to Simon talk about other girls. It was hard not to feel resentment and jealousy.

Our teacher told us that our next term paper would not only require some key analysis research but we would also have to learn how to cite term papers. Simon helped me by creating a quick cheat sheet for citing books:

APA (in text):

Author. (year). Title of Book. City, State of Publication: Publisher

MLA (footnotes):

Author. Title of Nook. State: Publisher, Year

After Simon taught me how to cite term papers he wanted to get something to eat. We drove to one of the local restaurants like we had done so many times before but something had changed. I could tell he was starting to see me differently to but was just trying to keep things the same. He looked over at me as we came to stop light and asked what I was thinking about. Simon had asked me that so many times before but today it really took on a different meaning. He even smelled different and he looked great I could see his chest tighten as I looked up at him. I decided to go in for the kill and asked him, “Simon, do you like me.” He stared straight ahead. I could see that I had made him really uncomfortable. He swallowed and said, “you know I do.” We drove in silence after that. Simon drove right past the the restaurant we were suppose to stop at. I never would have believed that him teaching me how to site term papers would lead to this conversation. What ever happened I knew I was happy I had finally approached the subject. And I think Simon was too.

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