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Stacy’s Global Warming Term Paper Really Educated Me

January 21st, 2010

Stacy’s Global Warming Term Paper Really Educated Me

I’m a vegetarian, and really pro animal rights. I recycle, keep the lights down, turn the faucet off when I’m brushing my teeth and really try and walk when I can. I even purchased a hybrid car. I always thought I was a pretty good earth friendly person. Until I met my friend Stacy. She was a vegan, and has protested in front of zoos and circuses for animal rights. She used candles at home and cooked over a wood burning stove. Stacy actually had some sort of contraption in her home that recycled water. And of course she didn’t own a car but walked or biked everywhere. Our senior year in college we had to write a final English research paper on something we were most passionate about. Stacy wrote a global warming term paper.

I loved Stacy but I just felt like this was another way for her to get on her soap box. Stacy wasn’t a passive tree hugger she could be a bit mean at times. I have watched her yell at the driver of a horse drawn carriage and chew her sister out for throwing away an aluminum. She refused to drive in a car that had leather interior and yelled at one of her friends for ordering veal. The problem was Stacy would go, but never ever quietly. I knew her global warming term paper would be amazing. I skimmed through her outline trying to get some inspiration for what kind of term paper I would write.

Stacy’s global warming term paper started really strong. She had a strong introduction where she had six main points that she carefully summarized in a strong thesis. She had at least two sources per point and sited them in the MLA format. Her term paper even included a ton of analysis research. The conclusion of her global warm paper was incredible since she was actually writing about something she loved and had a passion for.

Stacy received an A on her global warming term paper. She lover her paper so much she began passing out copies of it on the street corner. It was actually pretty funny. Instead of a tiny pamphlet Stacy was passing out a huge thirty page term paper to anyone who would take it, which was not very many. I wondered how she justified killing so many trees.

That afternoon my cell phone died and I needed to borrow some notes from Stacy. I stopped by her apartment and rang the door bell. She yelled come in, I walked into her apartment and there was Stacy eating a huge steak. Her global warming term paper was on the coffee table and every single light was on in her apartment. She jumped up when she saw me. And quickly tried to explain the situation.

I did learn one thing from Stacy’s global warming term paper I learned what to write my term paper on, hypocrisy. I couldn’t believe how Stacy had fooled me. I was angry and frustrated but I channeled my energy into a stellar final term paper.

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