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Why Did I Keep All of Those Essays and Research Papers?

January 1st, 2010

Why Did I Keep All of Those Essays and Research Papers?

I am in my late twenties, married with two kids. It’s a pretty interesting life. I always thought it would be somewhat monotonous and boring. Not really. It’s actually pretty exciting. I have been a high school teacher for five years now. It was really very fun except for all of the essays and research papers I had to grade. It’s really hard being a wife and a mother of two. It’s a lot harder than I thought. I think of my mom who raised four kids on her own and I know I can do anything. But sometimes my life just gets overwhelming. The kids at home demand so much attend and so do the high school kids. Sometimes I sit in my classroom and imagine which one my children will be. The class clown? Teachers pet? The super popular one? The person who gets straight A’s on all his essays and research papers? Hopefully the latter. When I drive home at night I think about my life and my friends and of course my family. I turned down my little suburban street thinking that things could only get better. I pulled into my driveway. My husband, dog and children greeted me. I felt very, very blessed.

That evening as was I editing essays and research papers in my husband’s office my cell phone rang. It was my mom. She had decided to sell the five bedroom three bath home I grew up in to live in a really modern condo that was close to her sister. I was happy for her. I knew that house had become a bit much for my mom. But I was really sad to see it go. I didn’t think much of it at the time. I knew the house would take some time to sell and I would have some time to get use to it.

A month later during third hour at school, in the middle of quite reading time, my cell phone rang. Loud. I was taken aback since I usually have it turned off. I quickly grabbed the phone and rushed out into the hallway to answer it. My mom had sold the house. And a quick close was desired. She would have to move in less than a month. I was beside myself when I hung up the phone. How could we move over thirty years of stuff in such a short time.

It was a lot easier than I thought. We ended up having a garage sale and getting rid of most of it. It was fun. In the basement I found many of my old essays, and research papers. It was so interesting to read the way I wrote back then. There was so much to go through I even found my English teacher’s writing tips:

1. Proof read once, walk away and proof read again.
2. Make sure each paragraph has a strong topic sentence.
3. Create a strong thesis and make sure a form of it is present in each paragraph.
4. Make sure your concluding paragraph is strong.

I chuckled I bet he thought he was providing some profound insight on our term papers. At the time he probably was. I tried to quickly go through the rest of my essays and research papers. But there was just so many. I couldn’t believe I kept them all. It really slowed me down as I tried to pack things up. I kept stopping and reading them. My husband was very irritated with me. Because of course I had to read them all out loud. And laugh.

We got my mom’s home packed, moved and settle into her new condo in record time. It wasn’t that hard. It would have been easier with out so many essays and term papers to read. I was sad when I drove by days later and saw another family on the porch I learned to tie my shoe on. But I was happy that hopefully someone else would be as happy as I was there.

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