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My Essay Term Paper Allowed Me to Make a Life Decision

January 28th, 2010

My Essay Term Paper Allowed Me to Make A Life Decision

I needed to make a decision quickly. After I graduated from college I got a great job as an morning show news anchor. I really loved my job but I just wasn’t comfortable in my new environment. I was born and raised in Palo Alto, California. I had now moved to upstate New York. It was such a transition. It was cold, miserable and the people were so rude. I would go out to bars and hang out in coffee shops and I never met very many people. Life was really hard. I felt a little isolated from the world at the large. My friends and family were across the country and I felt like I had absolutely no one to depend on. After a year of miserable weather and a terrible social life I decided to look into transferring. I had about one month and one week left in my lease. My apartment complex called for a thirty day notice so I basically had one week to plan the rest of my life. I decided to write an essay term paper.

I was a journalist therefore I had always thought of myself as a fairly good writer. I was just having the hardest time deciding what I wanted to do with my life. I sat down and did some critical analysis research on my life. I missed my family I knew that much. I missed my close college friends. I missed having someone to talk to who really knew me. The real me. Not just the made up face people saw everyone morning through their morning coffee.

I began writing my essay term paper focusing on four key points. It was a sort of pro and con list. I wrote a quick outline on my research paper to have a strong and logical flow. I had one pro and one con for each point I was making. I debated both sides in one paragraph. That way I could more clearly see if pro and con points were valid. I restated my ideas in the last paragraph and had a very strong conclusion. I thought my essay term paper had served me well.

I had been trying to keep all of my options open. Not only had I already given my notice at my current apartment I had put a deposit on a new, much nicer apartment that was very close to where I worked. That way if I got a job in California I would be free to move and if not at least I would have a place to go and I wouldn’t be stranded. It seemed like my life was slowing closing in on me.

I waiting anxiously daily waiting for a response from the California office. A week went by. I reread my essay term paper daily going over the pros and cons of moving. I called the manager in the Palo Alto office a couple of times of day. They were starting to answer the phone by saying my name. Finally the week before I would move into my new apartment I received a call from the hiring manager. I was beyond excited. Not only did they want to hire me they wanted to give me a thirty percent bonus and pay for my moving expenses. I tossed my term paper into the trash and smiled out my window as eight inches of snowed piled onto my car. At least I would never have to deal with that again.

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