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My Economics Term Paper Helped Me Balance My Check Book

January 8th, 2010

My Economics Term Paper Helped Me Balance My Check Book

My first job after graduating with a degree in journalism was as a cashier at the local grocery store. It was horrible. My coworkers consisted of mothers and snot nose teenagers. Everyday I would get up and go to work, apron in hand, and marvel at the fact that I blew four years of my life in college only to get a job that pays minimum wage. Meanwhile my student loans were accruing massive interests and my parents were getting really angry with having to cut me a check to pay my bills every month. I was literally counting my change for gas and food. It was very frustrating. Every month I would receive over draft fees on my account and it was constantly in the negative. My only saving grace was I had direct deposit so my bank usually covered the checks I wrote. I was at my wits end. I decided something needed to change. One day I was sprawled on my couch talking to my roommate, Robin, after work. My back was killing me. Someone had decided to purchase four cases of bottled water. I had to scan and pick up each one. I told her I was unsure if I could cover the rent again this month but was sure my parents would be willing to help out. I then proceeded to ask her if she wanted to go out to one of the local pubs. She narrowed her eyes at me and said I should put my journalism degree to use and write an economic term paper.

I laughed at her,critical analysis research. I watched Robin be really careful with everything she bought and she always put money away to save. She told me that my economic term paper would really help me to see where all my money was going every week.

I took the bait. I really needed some help managing my money and I hoped that an economic term paper would help. I slowly began putting all of my Robin’s tips to use. I structure the term paper as four life changing points that would help me to save money in my everyday life. The first was walk/bike to work. The grocery store was a twenty minute walk and a five minute bike ride. I would save a lot on gas. The second was only go out once every couple of weeks. I really didn’t need to spend money on alcohol when I couldn’t afford food. Third, cut coupons, look for sales items, and utilize the discount I got at the grocery store. I could save almost fifty percent on groceries and get about thirty percent more items. Last but not least, move back in with my parents. I knew there was no way I should be living on my own with the salary I made. I came up with a strong thesis statement that would really motivate me. I also had a strong ending with a great conclusion. Additionally while writing my research paper I created a number of graphs and charts that I could look to when tracking my progress.

My parents weren’t very happy about me moving back home. But once they read my economic term paper they understood why I did so. They were also very proud of me for committing to saving money and having a goal of moving out when my check book was balanced and in the positive.

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