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My Descriptive Term Paper Saved My Marriage

January 4th, 2010

My Descriptive Term Paper Saved My Marriage

I have always wanted to be married. My parents have a great relationship and I thought it was always something I wanted. It sounded wonderful to have someone who is always there for you. A person who was your partner in life. Someone to brush your teeth with and listen to you. And someone to fall asleep next to. Then I met that someone. The man of my dreams a great guy. Someone who I thought would always be there for me. We got married. The first year was great or so I thought. Life was so good. I was happy. We were happy. And then everything went downhill. Relationships are hard. I learned that very quickly. It’s not as easy as my parents made it seem. My husband and I were unable to communicate anymore. We weren’t talking. I had gone back to school and was busy writing term papers. He was staying out all night and I found myself constantly watching the clock waiting for him. I became extremely miserable. We decided it was time for some outside mediation. We began marriage counseling shortly after our first anniversary. It was hard. Our therapist, Peggy, asked us each to say what exactly we wanted from our marriage. I told her I had always had a very hard time communicating verbally. I had always been better at writing. She could tell I was having a very difficult time and asked me if I wanted to write a descriptive term paper instead.

It was easier for me to communicate through the written word. I just never had been a very verbal person. I began to think about my descriptive term paper. I had to decide what exactly I expected from a marriage. I didn’t know. Everything I wanted was wrapped up in this idea that I had about what a relationship was suppose to be. I didn’t understand why my marriage was failing. All of my friends were in perfect happy relationships. Why couldn’t I have one? Furthermore what was I doing wrong? I decided to do some critical analysis research before I began writing my descriptive term paper.

There was a level of embarrassment with a failing relationship. But I soon realized I would have to get over it if I was going to write a good research paper. I started making phone calls. The first person I called was my best friend Jane. I broke down. I had never told her about the problems my husband and I were having. And she in turn broke down right back. It was really interesting. She too was having a lot of problems with her husband of five years. We laughed at first but then got down to some serious topics. As I called the rest of my friends they each revealed in their own way how they too were having problems. I actually got a little angry. And was really wishing that my friends had been more honest with me. I knew I shouldn’t feel that way. I had not told them about my current situation. If everyone was just more honest. I think we all could have had a better support system.

I began to type up my descriptive term paper. I proposed my idea in my thesis statement and stated four strong points that would support my thesis. I developed a topic sentence for each point and alloted one paragraph for each. At the end of each paragraph I described how not only my husband but I could attain these ideas. In the last paragraph I restated all four points and the thesis. I also summarized my term paper once again and wrote from the heart how hard I was willing to work to save my marriage.

The following week I read my descriptive term paper in front of my husband and therapist. I think I saw my husband tear up a bit. After that session I knew we could make it. I knew I wanted to make it work and I was sure my husband did to.

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