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It’s All Business When A Student Needs to Buy Research Papers

January 17th, 2010

It’s All Business When A Student Needs to Buy Research Papers

My brother Stuart is a a really smart guy but he is such a procrastinator. He waits till the last minute for everything. It’s really his worst quality. He has always been nice, patience and giving but I just can’t rely on him. When I was a freshman in high school I had to bring home my science project. It was far too big to bring home on the the bus so Stuart promised he would pick me up. Three o’clock came and went. I waited for him till four o’clock and then ask one of the janitors to open up the classroom so I could store it. I began walking to the bus stop alone in the dark. Not ten minutes after I started walking my brother turned the corner honking. He of coursed apologized profusely. He had left later than he wanted to and got caught up in all the traffic. I think Stuart’s problem was he always felt like there was more time and never believed in being early. In college he had the same problem. He was always late for classes and his part time job. That same problem occurred when it came to writing term papers. No matter the size of the paper Stuart always waited till the night before or the morning the paper was due to write it. It actually worked fairly well for him. I think he did well under pressure. He didn’t understand that most people didn’t operate that way. Especially when they buy research papers.

Stuart found a job where students would buy research papers from him. He found it fairly lucrative. But most students wanted to their papers the day before it was due. Stuart really had a problem with this. Some students wanted first and second drafts before they would buy research papers. The papers that he wrote were fairly simple and followed a basic structure. He used the MLA style citation method, he only cited well known journals and books. Stuart established a good thesis, a strong conclusion and he edited each paper twice.

He was good at writing the papers but was having a hard time keeping up with the work load. He didn’t understand why students who wanted to buy research papers would want their papers early. In Stuart’s eyes it was a slam dunk. All they had to do was add their name to the paper, print it out and turn it in. Most students didn’t see it that way. They wanted to make sure the paper was up to their standards. Students wanted to double check his work and sources before they turned it in. I personally thought this was very reasonable but Stuart was a little upset by this.

As the semester came to an end a student, Michelle, called him to buy a research paper that would be her senior year thesis. She told him the due date but also conveyed to him that she would like to see a rough draft prior to. Stuart laughed it off and told her he would write her a stellar thesis that would give her an A. Michelle mentioned her graduating depended on how well she did on her thesis. In true Stuart fashion he wrote the paper the evening before it was due. It was one hundred and eight pages with fifty-two sources. I guess procrastinating has it’s perks. Michelle aced the paper and was more than happy to buy research papers from Stuart again.

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