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An APA Research Paper Format Is Probably The Easiest Paper You Will Right

April 21st, 2010

APA Research Paper Formats Are Not as Hard as You Think

My best friend Jasmine is high school english teacher. She is really good at her job. If I had to find a job for her that’s exactly what I would pick for her. She loves kids and is smart and funny. When I see her with her students I think that I would really want a job that I loved as much as she does. One thing Jasmine really hated teaching to her students were research papers. The truth was she knew how boring hey really were and she felt horrible putting her students through it. I on the other hand could really care less. I say the harder the better. They need to learn. But this would be why I am not a teacher. Jasmine really cared about things like that. She wanted the best for her students. So when the research paper unit rolled around she tried to head it off at the pass by sitting down and writing a few key tips to help them through it.

1.The APA research paper format includes the in text citation method. This is easier than MLA where you have fool around with footnotes.

2.Not anything can qualify for research. When filling in your bibliography page be mindful of the sources you are using. Pick good reputable sources such as books, articles and journals. Websites are good sources but anyone can build a website.

3.Editing is key. Make sure your paper is free of any and all grammatical and spelling errors. It is very difficult to edit your own work. You may want to find another set of eyes to help you.

4. When writing papers one of the basic APA research paper formats for most papers is: introduction, tell them what you are going to tell them and include your thesis statement. The body, go into detail on each point you brought up in your introduction. Each idea warrants it’s own paragraph. Be sure to at least have one citation per point you are making. The conclusion is the last paragraph. This is where you reiterate all your points and bring back the thesis. Note: a form of your thesis should be present in every single paragraph of your essay.

5. Please read all of your sources. Yes I can tell if you did not. Pulling quotes out of context without really reading the whole article or book will not serve you when trying to write your APA research paper format.

6. Termpaperwriter.org is an excellent website for help with research and term papers. They have excellent blogs designed to help you with almost every academic paper problem you could ever have.

Jasmine is indeed a really good teacher. The fact that she really broke down some of the basic APA research paper formats for her students pretty much tells you that. She told me how much better she felt when the student’s first research papers were quite good. Jasmine assumed it was because of the above tips. I just think it’s because she’s a really good teacher.

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