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My Analysis Research Paper Helped Me Learn to Ride

January 7th, 2010

My Analysis Research Paper Helped Me Learn to Ride

One of the hardest things I ever had to do was learn to drive a car. It was really very difficult. My dad taught me to drive. The one and only time I heard him yell at the top of his lungs was when I drove into oncoming traffic not realizing I was in the wrong lane until I saw headlights coming towards me. Driving was hard. I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand how I would ever be able to listen to the radio and drive. I would see people eating and driving or on the phone and driving and I didn’t think it was possible for the body to do so many things at once. I thought I would never learn to drive. I was slowly beginning to think I should buy a permanent bus pass. I really just wanted to give up. My dad sat me down and told me this is just something you will have to learn to do. I told him I was just not good at it. I couldn’t handle the hand eye coordination and the constant attention. I had always thought of myself as more of an intellectual. I write term papers, study and do very well in school. I could see a light go off in my dad’s head. He told me the reason I didn’t like driving was because a car didn’t makes sense to me. He wanted me to write an analysis research paper on the mechanics of an automobile.

Everyday my dad would get home form work, have dinner and then take me out driving. I dreaded it terribly. But now I dreaded my analysis research paper anymore. Leave it to me to create more work for myself. My dad told me he wanted my paper within three weeks. And to use the time that I would be practicing my driving on my analysis research paper. I thought he was kidding. But he stood his ground. He was sure the reason why I didn’t like driving was because I didn’t understand how a car worked. I was going through the motions of pressing an accelerator, shifting gears and turning a wheel but I didn’t know why I was doing it. There was some truth to that. My dad always said my favorite question was, “Why.”

I decided I had to buckled down. I knew I couldn’t higher a chauffeur or buy buss passes for the rest of my life. Besides, my parents wanted me to start shuffling my little brother around. I went straight to the public library to pick books on the mechanics of automobiles. Most of them were tattered and yellow with age. Some were even dirty with grease and oil but I suppose that meant they would be perfect for my analysis research paper.

I structured my paper with the describing the four main processes one goes through while driving a automobile. The turning of the steering wheel, the accelerator, the shifting of gears and of course the brakes. I presented all four points in a clear thesis statement that I weaved throughout the paper. I established a topic sentence for each point and presented the process and the reason for the process in that paragraph. My final paragraph explained how they all worked together to help the car function. I added one source for each point that supported the main idea. I knew my dad would be impressed with my analysis research paper.

The following month I got back in the car excited at how much I learned and comfortable in the fact that I knew exactly how to operate this one ton machine. My dad was indeed happy with my analysis research paper. I did drive much better during the driving lessons proceeding my paper. But I still drove into on coming traffic upon occasion.

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